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My tips on how to add the finishing touch to your outfits.

People always say to me that I have a way with putting my outfits together.  It is not just about the colour combinations although that is  important but what you put with it. Here are my tips on how to add the finishing touch to your outfits.

My tips on how to add the finishing touch to your outfits.

I personally tend to wear block colours or fabrics with only a small pattern. If I have a patterned skirt, I will wear a plain top. Occasionally, I will wear a floral print but generally my clothes have a small or no pattern to them. This is a choice; I just prefer to keep things plain and for that reason I use a lot of accessories to my outfits to bring them alive.


Scarves are a great lover of mine for several reasons

  • One to keep you warm
  • Two as an accessory
  • To add colour to your outfit

In the winter we had a scarf to keep warm and I would choose a nice bright colour to brighten up my coat. A plain camel coat looks fab with so many colours, pick a colour that you know suits you to brighten your day.

How to wear your scarf

My tips on how to add the finishing touch to your outfits?
My tips on how to add the finishing touch to your outfits?
My tips on how to add the finishing touch to your outfits?
My tips on how to add the finishing touch to your outfits?

Sometimes we add a scarf as an accessory like a piece of jewellery. For this you want to choose a lightweight scarf that is easy to wear. Here I have one from Kettlewell colours in a variety of colours.

If that one is not for you, how about one of these magnetic scarves that you can fasten in several ways.  Here is one in a lovely pastel pink with polka dots. The two ends click together behind the neck. Visit my website for full details of all the scarves and jewellery I have to sell.

If you were to wear a plain black dress (LBD) I would add a colourful scarf to add colour to the dress. Worn around the neck the colours in the scarf will bounce up onto your face bringing your face alive with colour. Black is not a colour so many ladies can wear, and by adding some colour this way does get around it.


My tips on how to add the finishing touch to your outfits.

There are oodles of ways to wear a scarf which I share in my talks at Ladies groups. Or alternatively you can book a Scarf Party. This involves inviting a minimum of five ladies to your home to learn how to tie scarves.  I charge £20.00 a person and each lady go home with a FREE scarf and all the instructions to make the ties at home.


Jewellery is another way to bring your outfit alive, it not only adds colour but makes a focal point to draw the eye. Wherever you put the colour in your outfit is wear you will draw the eye. If you feel that you carry your weight on your bottom half wear a dark colour there and put the colour in your top. Wearing all one colour and it is an idea to draw the eye up and put the colour in a necklace around the neck.  Big busted ladies might like to wear a long necklace to draw the eye down.

Costume or Gold/Silver Jewellery?

If you have a petite frame be careful that you do not wear a too bigger necklace, as this will swamp you. Whereas larger framed ladies can get away with large chunky jewellery. Jewellery is very much a personal thing some like costume jewellery whilst other like gold and silver. If you have a warm skin tone, then yellow gold would be good for you.  Whilst if you have a cool skin tone wear the silver or white gold.


My tips on how to add the finishing touch to your outfits.

I love to wear both costume and gold jewellery, depending on the occasion. Even though I have a warm skin tone sometimes I can get away wearing silver if it has a warm stone like Amber. For fun, I like to wear costume jewellery as you can choose a colour that will compliment an outfit. This necklace is on a cord and has five different coloured wooden disks in mint, red, blue, orange and mustard. This makes a great piece to have, as you can wear it with all five colours. Visit my website for full details.

Shoes and Handbags

The good news is that they do not have to match any more. I love my handbags and have them in several colours all for different occasions and different outfits. A girl can never have to many handbags in my book and I prefer them to shoes. I have fashion handbags as opposed to designer ones so I can have more, but the choice is yours. Do bear in mind that if you are a small petite lady not to use large bags as they will be out of proportion to your small frame. Larger framed ladies can have the larger bags and stay away from exceedingly small ones. Use the colourful bags to glam up a plain outfit.


I hate buying shoes but that is another story for another day. Shoes too can be colourful, a pair of skinny jeans with a bright coloured shoe I think looks fab. I do like to have the same colour shoes and bags, but I think that is just my age. If you want to follow fashion and wear a colour you know does not suit you, wear it in your shoes or handbag as it is far enough away from your face.

My tips on how to add the finishing touch to your outfits.

I hope that has given you some ideas on how you can add that finishing touch to your outfits. It is all about finding your own sense of style. Look at the celebrities you admire, or people you see who you think have got it right and try their look on you and see how you feel. Just be adding an accessory you can change the whole look for the outfit.

I hope you have found that useful, if you need any help or advise, please do not hesitate to get in contact and I will be pleased to help youYou can follow me on Facebook  where I regularly post style updates.  Pinterest  is a love of mine and here I have several boards from style, colour combinations and many more. If Instagram is your thing, I am on there as well. Why not give me a call for a chat to find out how I can help you on 07786 632798. Or email me or visit my website 

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Find out which colours work best for you!!

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