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How to change your wardrobe to life out of lockdown

How to change your wardrobe to life out of lockdown
How to change your wardrobe to life out of lockdown

I guess that if you have been working from home you have probably been wearing leggings or track bottoms to the office. Now we are allowed out I am keen to shed the old layers and start to remerge as the real me. I am excited about coming out into the world again and wearing my nice clothes. Here are my tips on how to change your wardrobe to life out of lockdown.

How to change your wardrobe to life out of lockdown

The shops are now open and there is that urge to go and shop till you drop. I went into town this week. Debenhams is open to sell off all the remaining stock and it was heaving. There were huge queues to pay. Primark was popular as there were lots of people walking around with bulging Primark bags. So, there must have been people doing just what I said, and I guess that as Primark does not have an online presence, they just wanted to get their Primark fix. Can you resist the urge to go and buy? Followers of fashion need to get the latest trend. If not start by looking at what you do have and find those gaps that need filling or items that need replacing.

How to change your wardrobe to life out of lockdown

Debenhams stock is all discounted both winter and summer items. Do you want to buy winter stock now, even if it is cheap? You may not like it next year. Summer stock perhaps yes. When I am looking to buy in the sales, I ask myself these questions.

  • Do I need it?
  • Would I have paid the full price?
  • Do I have something similar already in my wardrobe?
  • Do I have something to wear it with?

It is all too easy to think you have a bargain but if you are not going to wear it, it ceases to be a bargain.

Have a look at what you do have before your buy.

Now it is getting warmer it will soon be time to change your wardrobe over. I do this every season. whilst doing it I cull whatever I have not worn, or think I am unlikely to wear again. If you want to buy a few new pieces to add to the wardrobe, you must let some go. One in one out. Find the items that have worn out and need replacing and put to one side. As an example, white jeans do not last forever, so you may need to replace those. Tee Shirts are another that do not last forever, so perhaps you have a few of those you might need to update. Go through your whole wardrobe like this.

It will not take as long as you think, and this way you will be able to see the gaps in your wardrobe. Write a list of what you need to take when you go shopping. Then, when you are in the shops and perhaps looking at sale stock at least you will be buying what you need which then will be a bargain.

Start putting some outfits together.

Whilst you are going through your clothes look for colour combinations you could try that perhaps you have not tried before. One of my previous blogs talks about different colour combinations you could try. Take a look on my Pinterest I have a board for colour pallets which show you lots of different colour combinations you may not of thought of. Have some fun with it, see how daring you feel you can go. Orange and blue, purple, and yellow, green and blue, teal and orange, pink and red, the list goes on. The colours do not have to be bold and bright they can be muted and soft.

I feel a new me is emerging from lockdown.

During the last year I have learnt a lot about myself, about others, about what is important to me, and how I want my life to continue. I have done a lot of personal development, progressed spiritually, and read loads of books. On a business side, I have written an eBook about style, updated my website and currently putting a online shop together on my website. Also, I have also written an online talk all about Colour and Style for any groups still meeting on zoom.

It feels like a chrysalis turning into a butterfly and coming out into the world a different person. My hair has grown beyond belief which would not have happened had we not been in lockdown. Next week I am having it styled in a different style to before. I am going to be bolder with my colour combinations and embrace colour and the person I love to be.

How has lock down changed you? and how will it change your wardrobe? I would love to hear from you, please feel free to comment at the bottom of this blog.

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