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Choose the colour you wear to choose how you feel

Choose the colour you wear to choose how you feel
Choose the colour you wear to choose how you feel

For the last two weeks I have been talking about colour and how it can make you feel. The first blog was about the Heart Chakra colours of Green and Pink.  Last week we looked at Red, Blue, and Purple. Here is the link to those blogs for a recap. This week I am going to be talking about Orange, Yellow and Turquoise. Choose the colour you wear to choose how you feel.

Choose the colour you wear to choose how you feel


This is one of my favourite colours but not everyone can wear orange as it has a yellow undertone. It is the colour of the Sacral Chakra which is known for Creativity, Confidence and Passion. The colour Orange has an energising feel, promoting confidence and wellbeing. It can be an antidepressant, and it encourages creativity. It is known to have beneficial effects on the digestive and reproduction systems.


Wearing Orange

Orange is a combination of Red and Yellow and has qualities of both. Red tends to stimulate physically, while yellow stimulates mentally, thus orange is doubly stimulating. Some people can find it too stimulating. It can be worn in a more diluted colour to more of a peach shade. Orange like Red suggest warmth and is symbolic of the sun. As such, the colour has high positive vibrations and holds a strong attraction to a lot of people.

If you have a cool skin tone it would be advisable to not wear Orange next to your face. You can, however, wear it in your shoes or handbag.

Choose the colour you wear to choose how you feel.


Yellow represents the Solar Plexus Chakra which is based in your tummy area. This signifies clarity, self-esteem and Joy. Think of yellow and I think of Spring flowers and sunshine. Yellow is an energising colour that encourages positivity and inner power. It is known to strengthen the nervous and digestive systems.

Wearing Yellow

Wear yellow when you want to be noticed, when you want to appear joyful, and to inspire a flood of mental activity. Avoid yellow when you need to concentrate or when you are feeling nervous. Yellow is a good accent colour and by tha,t I mean it works well with lots of other colours. Think of Spring flowers, bright yellow daffodils with green look how great they look together. Yellow goes well with bright purple, or navy. Wear a yellow camisole underneath a cardigan in one of those colours I have just mentioned. Look at my Colour Pallets board on Pinterest for some ideas of colour combinations that you may not have thought of.

Colour is my passion.

I have learnt so much about colour in how to make the best of you by wearing the right colour for you. This makes you look and feel fantastic giving you the confidence to be who you want to be. Colour therapy is colour on another level and has the potential to change your mood and make you feel good too. If you would like to know what a colour consultation involves visit my website  or you can contact me on my contacts at the bottom of this email.

Choose the colour you wear to choose how you feel.

This is the third of three blogs all about colour and their energies and how each colour can make you feel. I have given you some suggestions on how and when to wear each colour, but this is just a guide. The answer is how you feel in each colour, try wearing a colour for a day and see how you feel. It will also depend on the level of colour you choose. It may be too bright and energic for you and you may have to dilute the colour a bit, or alternatively it could be too pale a colour and you need to increase the strength of the colour. Have a play and do let me know how you get on. I would love to hear from you either message me direct or at the bottom of this blog.

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Find out which colours work best for you!!

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