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Add one new piece to your wardrobe to make many outfits.

Add one new piece to your wardrobe to make many outfits.
Add one new piece to your wardrobe to make many outfits.

Add one new piece to your wardrobe to make many outfits from other items in your wardrobe. Sometimes you must introduce one new item that then allows you to make many new outfits from existing items you already have. This is what I have done here. I have just bought this snake print skirt from John Lewis  which was £45.00. It is a chiffon type of fabric made from recycled materials and is fully lined. This makes it suitable for all seasons.

This is how I styled my new piece from my wardrobe.

In this picture i have teamed it with a cream jumper that I have had a couple of years from M & S. The military style velvet jacket I cannot tell you how long I have had it. I know it comes from J Taylor who used to be in Debenhams. I don’t know why I have not thrown it out over the years as I don’t remember wearing if for some time. Probably because of the colour and knowing how useful an item it could be in my wardrobe. The boots I purchase many years ago from a preloved store in Bishops Stortford. These I don’t get a lot of wear out of as they are big around the top of the leg but because this skirt is so long that does not show.

To dress down for a casual look

To make the skirt more every day I will style with a oversized sweat top with trainers or an ankle boot. I personally do not wear black, but a black sweater would look nice or in my case chocolate brown.

How will I style this for evening or summer wear?

I am going on a cruise in January and have already decided this is going with me. I have a beautiful sleeveless cream blouse or camisole that will look perfect and styled with a pair of sandals.

Your new item does not have to be clothes.

It could be an accessory, a new handbag, pair of shoes or boots, or piece of jewellery. Any of these things could update an existing outfit.

When you know your colours

When you know your colours, you always buy using the same colour pallet. This means that every time you buy something new, you are sure to have something in your wardrobe you can wear it with. This to me is one of the advantages to having made the investment in having your colours done. This allows you to have less clothes in your wardrobe but be able to make more outfits you love wearing. Less clothes in the wardrobe means you can see what you have. It makes getting dressed so much easier as you have less to look through. All the clothes blend with each other as they all have the same undertone of colour. This way it is easy to build your capsule wardrobe. If you would like more information about what a colour consultation with me involves pop over to my website to find out an d feel free to call me for a chat.


Sometimes buy adding just one piece, you can make many more outfits. It could just be a skirt or pair of trousers, a new jumper or top, but just think of different ways you can wear that one item. You don’t also have to spend a lot of money, there are many preloved stores now online and charity shops that have an excellent choice. It is about thinking how you can mix and match your clothes to get the maximum wear from each piece but not always feeling you are wearing the same thing all the time. Do let me know your thoughts I would love to hear from you.

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