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This is how August is looking for me.

This is how August is looking for me.
This is how August is looking for me.

August this year is going to be huge for me and my family as our daughter is getting married. This is a day that every mum looks forward too. As many of you know that lots of my family live in South Africa. My husband Bob his sister lives near Cape Town and my sister lives in Johannesburg and both are coming to the wedding.

This is how August is looking for me.

Bobs sister is already here and currently visiting her friends and family but returns to us this week. I have organised some fun things to do together. We are visiting the RHS Flower Show, the cable car over the river Thames and walking over the O2 to mention a few. My sister arrives mid-month just before the wedding and she is staying with her girls in London.

Where did I get my outfit?

Even stylists need help sometimes. I booked myself a personal shopper in John Lewis in Oxford Street London with a friend of mine. We both had a stylist finding dresses for us to try on and what a fabulous experience. They knew the stock available on the shop floor and helped us both choose lovely dresses for the day. Mine is a Phase Eight Maxi Dress in a lovely tangerine colour. It is pleated from the waist down and has a cross over front. I shall be wearing Navy sandals with a navy clutch bag. It is currently being taken up and Katie (that’s my daughter) are collecting our dresses next week. I will show all after the wedding, her dress has not been seen yet by anyone except those who chose it with her.

The Wedding Day

The wedding takes place outside, so we are hoping for good weather, and the reception is being held in a Tipi for the festival vibe! So, no hats for the ladies and the guests do not have to be formal. To say I am excited is the understatement. Lots of surprises for the guests coming to the wedding so I am not going to spoil in this blog. The bride and groom have all their friends present and Bob and I have our close friends and family here from S.A. to share our happy day. The long-range weather forecast says 23C and sunny so hoping that is right, keep your fingers crossed for us.

After the wedding

Whenever my sister comes to the UK, she stays with her girls in London, but we always try to have some time together for a few days. This time we have planned a four-day trip to Budapest. This is a place we have all wanted to visit so we are very much looking forward to it. So, I shall be taking some time out in August but look forward to sharing with you in September.

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