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How To Wear Denim

blouse jacket & Jeans
How To Wear Denim Smart

I have lots of denim in my wardrobe because it can look very casual or you can dress it up to look quiet formal in a casual way if that makes sense.  So how do you wear denim?  Here are a few ideas you might like to consider.

Denim look for work
How to wear Denim for work

Denim Jeans

We all have a pair of jeans in the wardrobe and they can vary from a pale denim which appear to be more casual and look great with a t/shirt or perhaps a dark denim pair which if you want to dress you can do so with a sparkly top for a party.  If perhaps you are out networking or to lunch with a friend how about a nice cotton blouse with a navy blazer and a coloured scarf in the neck or a coloured jacket with a statement neckless.  This you could team up with a red hand bag and red shoes or boots.  I really love this look and normally choose a boot cut or kick flare for this smarter look but would wear skinny jeans tucked into boots or wear with ballet pumps. Sleeveless jackets are another good idea for this time of year as it is not cold enough for a jacket.  I have a tailored navy one which I wear with my jeans and can really add style to an outfit.

Coloured Jeans

These are all over the high street in many colours, so choose one of your base colours.  Black always look very smart and everyone can wear black on their bottom half and many ladies choose to do so as it is slimming to wear dark colours on the largest part of your body. Black is not the only choice here, the summer colours of pale blue and pink, coral to name but a few are a very good alternative to the normal denim. For a casual look team with a t/shirt but to dress up team with a co-ordinating jacket.

Skinny, Boot Cut, Kick Flare or Boyfriend Jeans?

The choice is yours, I could right a whole blog on this subject so my advice is to choose a pair that best flatters your body shape

Denim Skirts

How To Wear a Denim Skirt
How To Wear a Denim Skirt

These are a firm favourite of mine and I have several in different styles.  I have a white one for the summer which is very versatile and comes out of the wardrobe very year, I wear with patterned blouses and tops most of time but could dress down with a vest top.

I have just purchased a new addition to my wardrobe an A Line button though dark denim skirt which I love and have been wearing with sandals but also am looking forward to teaming up with a pair of knee high boots or opaque tights and ballet pump in the winter. So a denim piece can not only be very useful but can be worn in more than one season.

Denim Dresses

These I would say are generally worn casual and this season I have only seen very short versions of the shirt style tunic length

Denim Shorts

These are mostly worn by the younger women and are very casual and often frayed at the bottom but look great on the beach or at a festival.  For a smarter look go for a tailored pair.

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