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How get the most wear from your clothes?

How get the most wear from your clothes?
How get the most wear from your clothes?

How get the most wear from your clothes?

I have just bought this skirt from Nobody child from John Lewis, I had been looking for a new sundress and couldn’t find one I liked. This skirt had many colours in it, I could wear it with a variety of strappy tops. What I liked about it was although it is a midi it does have two splits up the front which show my lovely legs when I move. The Skirt retails at £45 but is in the sale at £27 Bargain! Buying this skirt I will be able to make many outfits with several tops in the different colours in the print.

How get the most wear from your clothes?
How get the most wear from your clothes?

How get the most wear from your clothes?

Here I have chosen to wear it with a short-sleeved jumper in this lovely warm blue from Zara. This I have had in my wardrobe for several years but funnily enough I have not worn much. My colour pallet is Spring, and I know this print has a black background which I do not normally wear but as it is covered in these beautiful  colours, I can get away with it. I wore it to a networking event this week and got lot of compliments. So, I think I will have to wear this shade of blue more often.

Look at all the different colours in the print?

So, the background is black, but the other colours include, Cream/White, Blue, Lime Green, Peachy orange, and Purple. I could have a strappy T/shirt in each colour making six sundresses. This makes the skirt good value at price per wear.

To smarten up the skirt?

So, if I wanted to smarten up the skirt you could add a jacket/blazer. I have a lovely bright orange linen jacket that will look great over this skirt and a cream sleeveless top. Most ladies will have a denim jacket in their wardrobe so that would work well too.

What shoes would you choose?

In this photograph I am wearing a pair of sandals, but you could also wear some trainers if you are going for a comfortable casual look. I know many ladies like to wear flip flops which would also work. However, for an evening look, heals would work too. Wearing this skirt into cooler temperatures a pair of boots would look good.

Making your clothes work for you.

We are in difficult times and probably have less money available to spend on clothes so it is important to make sure that what you do buy is versatile and can be worn many ways. This skirt that I am featuring in this blog was in the sale at only £27 and I think that I can get many outfits from the one skirt. Going away I can pack this with a few different tops and make many outfits. This is what I look to do with every purchase I buy. I ask myself questions before purchasing something.

  • Is it in a colour and style that suits me?
  • Do I have anything to wear it with in my wardrobe now?
  • Will I be able to wear it several ways?

If it is an investment piece look for the price per wear.

 Sometimes you may need to spend a little more on an investment piece. That is ok if you can wear the item many ways and it is going to be in your wardrobe for many years. It is about thinking outside the box and looking at other ways to wear your favourite items in your wardrobe. Have fun with it.


Make mindful choices when buying new things. Make sure that it will work for you in your wardrobe and will be an asset to what you already have. What we are aiming to do here is build a wardrobe of clothes that you love and love wearing. They also must be a useful item in that you can wear it many ways. I use this analogy that if an item is more than you would normally spend think of how often you are going to wear it, and how long it will be in your wardrobe.

Food for thought let me know your thoughts.

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