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Have you thought about buying fewer clothes but better quality?

Have you thought about buying fewer clothes but better quality?
Have you thought about buying fewer clothes but better quality?

As I have got older and am a lady of a certain age, I am no longer a slave to fashion. Yes, I like to be fashionable, but age appropriate with it. I am thinking now that I no longer want to buy clothes that I know will only last one season. I am wanting to buy clothes that I love, and I know I am going to love wearing for several seasons. So, that brings me to my question have you thought about buying fewer clothes but better quality?

Have you thought about buying fewer clothes but better quality?

Landfill is a big problem and therefore buying clothes that will last longer must be a good idea. I have never been a designer girl, mainly because I could not afford too. I am still not drawn to go that way but if that is for you, they are usually of good quality and will last and give you good wear.

Think about price per wear?

This is very important, if you buy something that you wear once and it sits in your wardrobe, it makes it an expensive buy. If, however, you splash the cash on a new coat it could start off by being an expensive buy. But, if you have that coat in your wardrobe for many years to come. Now work out how many times you have worn it and the price per wear will be nowhere what you thought.

I am now thinking, that for the basics in your wardrobe, and by that, I mean your trousers, skirts, jackets, and coats, look at buying a better quality. As basics they get a lot of wear, and will wear better. If you want to you can do the same for all your clothes, or perhaps slot in some less expensive blouses, jumpers, tops etc.

Fewer clothes make dressing so much easier.

If you have less clothes in your wardrobe it is easier to see what you do have. If you are able, keep the other seasons clothes under the bed or in a suitcase. Now I only have my summer clothes in my wardrobe. This helps you to see what you do have and makes putting outfits together so much easier. Get rid of anything you are no longer wearing, it may not fit you anymore,

The benefits of a colour & style consultation.

When you know the colours that bring out the best in you it makes choosing new things so much easier. You go into a shop and instantly you steer away from colours that you know will not work with your skin tone and home in on the colours that do. The same thing goes for style. I have a straight up and down figure and know that a boxy long line jacket would not work for me. However, a fitted jacket that gives the illusion of curves would give the impression that I have a waist. So, as you can see knowledge is power. Knowing what works for you saves you time and money.

Pre-loved or charity shopping

This could be something to consider if you wanted to buy a better-quality garment without the price tag. This is also a place for your unwanted clothes. There are also many sites online to sell your own unwanted clothes to earn yourself some money to spend on your next purchase.

Have you thought about buying fewer clothes but better quality?

In summary, the fewer the clothes, the easier it is to put together outfits. Choose your pieces in the colours that work for you and clothes in the style to suit your body shape. Think about choosing some key wardrobe staples in a good quality fabric that you know will last. For arguments sake invest in a classic pair of black trousers that you know will be in your wardrobe for a while. These will last you a few seasons and will be a good investment. They will hang well and look good even if you pair them with a cheaper top.

So give a thought to the more expensive pieces that you would normally not buy because you think they are expensive. Ask yourself

  • Will it work with what I have in my wardrobe?
  • Will it stand the test of time and still be in my wardrobe in years to come?
  • Do I really love it and know I will love wearing it?
  • What us the price per wear likely to be.

That will help you decide if this investment piece is for you.

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