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Do we need all the clothes we have in our wardrobes?

Do we need all the clothes we have in our wardrobes?
Do we need all the clothes we have in our wardrobes?

Do we need all the clothes we have in our wardrobes?

Following on from last week’s blog (which can be found here )this lock down time has given us plenty of time to think, take stock and review things. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love shopping and buying clothes. I like to dress well, as it makes me feel good and gives me the confidence I need. I need to walk the walk and talk the talk of what I do. BUT do we need all the clothes we have in our wardrobes?

Do we need all the clothes we have in our wardrobes?

I think for me the answer must be no, but I am not particularly good at letting things go either. I try to work on the premise of one in one out, so if I buy anything new, I must let one go. There are only so many pairs of jeans you need.

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion as we know it, is cheap and will only last one season if you are lucky. Before long, it will have lost its shape, may have shrunk and the colour has faded. So, I ask you “should we be buying a better-quality product that will last longer?” This means we will have less waste and will save our landfill.

I do get that some ladies like to follow fashion and therefore do buy fast fashion because it is cheap, and they feel they can throw away and move onto the next trend. That is not most of us though. I am wondering if after this lock down where we have not been able to buy any clothes we might start to think differently. I have found that being at home also you do not need to have as many clothes. With more and more people choosing to work from home in the future this maybe something to think about.

Do we need all the clothes we have in our wardrobes?

How much easier would it be to get dressed in the morning if we did not have so much choice? If you think back to our parents and grandparent’s generation, they did not have many clothes at all. All the clothes were made in the UK and pro rata cost a lot more, but they were made to last. I am not sure I want to scale back that far but it is food for thought.

We have no choice but to buy clothes that have been made in China and similar countries but perhaps it is time we brought back the rag trade to the UK and started making our own clothes again. What do you think? I would love to know your thoughts.

Build your own capsule wardrobe

As some of you know my Mum has Alzheimer’s and she had so many clothes as she had another home in Spain which meant she had two wardrobes. I have condensed them into one small capsule wardrobe as she had so much choice, she could never decide what to wear. So, she always wore the same thing. Now, I am not saying you must go that small, but it is worth thinking about.

Have you thought about buying pre-loved?

By pre-loved I mean second hand from a

  • Charity Shop
  • Dress Agency
  • eBay or similar
  • Clothes Swap

This way you are often able to buy a better-quality garment than you would have been able to purchase at full price. Some clients I know do this so they can buy designer names, or just well-made clothes.

Vintage Clothing – There is a trend to buy Vintage clothing which is the 1920’s or later (but not later than 20 years before the present year) These clothes although they are second hand seem to often have a high price tag but that maybe because it is a fashion statement.

Do we need all the clothes we have in our wardrobes?

What having this time has done for me is to

  • think about what I do have
  • let go of what I no longer need
  • Buy less clothes going forward
  • Choose investment pieces that will last longer

This is something coming from me but it something that I am going to work on going forward. I hope that has got you thinking about what you have in your wardrobes and what you plan to do in the future.

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