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You are never too old to look good

You are never too old to look good
You are never too old to look good

Do you sometimes feel I cannot be bothered? I will just grab any old thing out of the wardrobe. It could be the jumper I wore yesterday that is still hanging on the chair and an old pair of jeans. No-one is coming to the house today, so it does not matter. You are never too old to look good.

You are never too old to look good

Yes, I do have days when I feel like that, but I choose to wear something uplifting, particularly if I am feeling down. I have a passion for colour because of the way it makes you look and feel. Sometimes, life gets in the way and the last thing you want to do is put on a full makeup and choose an outfit to dress to impress. But most of the time I do make the effort to put an outfit together.


Choose some colour as it will lift your spirits

If you have had your colours done you will know which colours to choose, if not choose a colour that you get the most comment on when you wear them. It is known that wearing colour really can lift your spirits. Generally brighter colours carry more energy and will make you feel more uplifted. Shades of red are a good colour for that, yellow is a colour that is cheerful. Blues, light green and lilac are more calming colours.  Wear your favourite colour and you will instantly feel better.

Try different colour combinations

Get your creative mind working and think about putting different colours together. I remember when I first went for my training my trainer suggested I wore green and pink. I had never thought about putting those two colours together, but they look good. “Blue and Green should never be seen” how wrong is that? They make a great colour combination. A tip if you can see the colours together in nature then you know you can wear them together. Have a look at my Pinterest colour combinations board to get some ideas of different colours to wear together.

Making an effort will definitely make you feel better

If you choose the right colours and style for you, it really will make a difference. When someone says to you that you look great today, how does that make you feel? It makes you feel good and gives you a confidence boost. In lockdown I was suggesting that ladies did not just wear scruff old clothes just because they were not being seen. Dress for you in how you want to look and feel.

Makeup and accessories can make a difference

I am not someone who wears a lot of make up, I only wear foundation and eye makeup if I am going somewhere special. Day to day I wear mascara, eyebrow pencil, blusher, and lipstick. BUT what a difference it makes to even just wear some lipstick and you don’t have to spend ages to do that.

Add a splash of colour in your accessories, handbag shoes, and jewellery it will make all the difference.

Plan if you are busy in the mornings get out your clothes the night before.

You are never too old to look good

As mature ladies I think it is important to make the most of what we have, and try, even if we do not always feel like it. I encourage my clients to build a wardrobe of clothes they love and love wearing, and to pick out clothes that lift your spirits. Once you know what style and colours suit you it is easy to put your outfits together.  You will need less clothes and be able to make more outfits. This way you will be wearing all the clothes in your wardrobe, by styling them in different combinations.

Get creative and have a play and try putting different outfits together. Do not make it a chore, have fun with it and show your personality in the clothes you choose to wear especially on days we your think you cannot be bothered.

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