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The shops are opening next week – will you be visiting them?

The shops are opening next week – will you be visiting them?

This is a big question; we have been kept at home for so long now that some people are not sure they want to go out again. Or, on the other side some people are so cabin fever they can’t wait to go out. The shops are opening next week – will you be visiting them? Which camp do you fall in?

The shops are opening next week – will you be visiting them?

For those of you who do not want to venture out I completely understand. If you have any underlying help problems or live with anyone who has its a risk that you do not want to take.  For those of you who do, I think we must understand that it will not be like it used to be. Things will be different and not sure how yet. We do know that there will be the two- meter distance between customers.

Does anyone know if someone with the virus touches a piece of clothing how it stays on the clothes? I thought that the virus could only survive if there was moisture. I saw a program on TV last night (Thursday) about M&S and they said that they would close their fitting rooms and any returns to the store would not be put back out onto the floor. Someone else told me that the virus can survive on clothes for 72 hours which is why no returns can go back out onto the floor. Anyone know the answer I would be interested to know. If there was a problem, I guess the shops would not be able to open.

  • Are the fitting rooms open to try garments on?
  • Will we have to wear masks?
  • Will they limit the number of customers in each store?
  • Hand sanitiser in all stores?
  • A one- way system around the store?

I guess you must do your own personal risk assessment before venturing out.

The shops are opening next week – will you be visiting them?

The shops are opening next week – will you be visiting them?

These are things all customers will be asking. At  M&S in Chelmsford,  you have been able to buy clothes on the ground floor but if you wanted something from upstairs you had to ask a member of staff to and get for you, and the toilets and restaurant were obviously not open. I guess it depends on the type of store, if it is a large store like M&S or Debenhams you will need different rules to a small run boutique.

The shops are opening next week – will you be visiting them?

Typically, most stores summer sales start in mid- July and the stores have been full of summer clothes since lock down. These items have not had a chance to sell at full price. So, will the sales start early this year? With so many events that have been cancelled, like weddings, special birthday celebrations people have not been buying those kinds of outfits. Holidays have been cancelled, so the sale of beach wear will not be needed. I feel sorry for the retailers and some of my favourites have already gone, like Oasis, and Warehouse. The face of the High Street is changing.

Will our clothes shopping experience ever be the same again?

I don’t know about you, but I love to go shopping with a friend, have a mooch around the shops together, stop for a coffee or lunch and make an occasion of it. Now we will queue to get in, be directed around the store in one way, out another, not really being able to browse and wearing a face mask.  I think perhaps we will have to hand sanitise as we come out of each shop. It does not seem to have the same appeal. What do you think?

We can always order our clothes online

Yes, we do have the option to buy online if we do not want to go to the shops and this is a personal preference. Personally, I like to shop in store so I can feel the material and look at the size of the garment to get an idea which size I would need. I begrudge having to pay for postage and if I do order online, I always order from a retailer who I can collect/return to store. One of the main drawbacks for me ordering online is the colours as they always look different online to in the flesh. Therefore, I do not do my colour consultations on line. On Monday at my Pilates class on Zoom the teacher said what I lovely yellow top you are wearing Sandra and it was lime green.

The shops are opening next week – will you be visiting them?

Do we need to buy any new clothes?

I do not know about you, but I have not been wearing so many clothes only being at home. If you have a zoom call you can put on a blouse but have your shorts on the bottom. I think that we all have too many clothes anyway. If you are not going on holiday and if you do not  have any occasions to go to, it limits your need to buy more. You could wait till September and invest in some new winter clothes instead. Having said that I am sure that I will buy a few new items when the sales arrive, because that is what I do. I cannot resist a bargain.  If you have a wedding or holiday plans for next year it could be a good idea to buying those items in the sales in July.

The shops are opening next week – will you be visiting them?

I would be interested to know your thoughts. Are the shops going to be heaving next week or are we all going to avoid them? Please leave your comments at the bottom of this blog or alternatively message me. I would love to hear from you.

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2 thoughts on “The shops are opening next week – will you be visiting them?

  1. Hi Sandra, an interesting thought! I was discussing this with my neighbour the other day and we came to the conclusion that we would not be returning to the shops any time soon. I agree we have far too many clothes (something I’d been thinking about well before lockdown) and I’m not sure it’s going to be a pleasurable experience at the beginning. I used to like going food shopping but find the whole thing quite stressful, so I think going to the shops to buy clothes and household items will be low on my list of priorities for awhile.

    1. I have been to the shops and you are right it is not a pleasurable experience. We queued for 25 mins to get into Braintree Village on Sunday and not all the shops were open. There was a limited the number of people in the centre, it was one way round and you had to wait to enter each shop so I am not going back any time soon. Chelmsford shopping centre is so much better and less stressful

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