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Not able to go shopping? Shop your own wardrobe?

Is your waist expanding during lock down? Here's how to disguise it.

So, it is tough at the moment as we are all stuck at home. No retail therapy, no walking around the shops looking at what is available, looking at the trends and general window shopping. There are a few companies that you can order online but I like to touch and feel and see what I am buying. So, if you are not able to go shopping how about shopping in your own wardrobe? Sound weird? but you may be surprised at what you find. Not able to go shopping? Shop your own wardrobe? I do not know if you have already had a sort out of your wardrobe during this lock down. Just by bringing out your summer clothes will inject some new enthusiasm for what you must choose from. Personally, I prefer my summer wardrobe, and this is partly because of all the lovely colours that are available to us in the summer. We are hearing so much about sustainable fashion, buying too many clothes that support the throwaway fashion trend. Perhaps we should look at buying British which will no doubt cost more, but with a view of keeping them longer and wearing them more. Building a smaller wardrobe of clothes that we wear more in different ways. When I say shop your own wardrobe what does that really mean? I like to have my wardrobe working for me, and since I have known which colours to buy for me, it all became clear. You need less…

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