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Inject some colour into your life in these difficult times

We are living in difficult times and I am all for finding ways to make things easier. Until I started my colour journey, I did not totally understand what wearing colour can do. I always knew that if I wore all grey, I felt grey but that was as far as it went. What I want to share with you in this blog is how colour can enrich your life and make you feel better. You can do this if you inject some colour into your life in these difficult times. Colour has so many therapeutic properties it is worth understanding the benefits of wearing colour.

The best way I know to make me feel good (even when I am not feeling it) is to wear a pop of colour. This instantly makes me feel better. Colour always brightens my day. It lights up my face, lifts my spirits and gets me some lovely compliments.

Inject some colour into your life in these difficult times
Inject some colour into your life in these difficult times

Inject some colour into your life in these difficult times.

Colour is so much more than the colour that you see. All colours have an energy and can make you feel a certain way. When I went for my training the trainer (Sue) asked me what is your favourite colour? I said Red and Orange. Sue: what do you wear when you a relaxing and watching TV?  Me:  probably the same colours.  Sue: How do you relax?  Me: I said I do not, I am always doing something Sue: Well that is because the colours you are wearing are vibrating at a high level making it impossible to relax. Light bulb moment for me. I had always found it hard to relax and now I knew why.

Inject some colour into your life in these difficult times.

Now I understand that to relax you need to wear relaxing colours it makes life easy. If I have worn the bright colours during the day to give me the energy I need, In the evening I need to change into more relaxing clothes in soft muted colours to relax in. You know yourself that sometimes you wear something and for some reason it does not feel right. It could be the style, material, or the colour but all day you wish you had not worn it. If this happens it needs to go.

Inject some colour into your life in these difficult times.

If when I get up in the morning, I am feeling a bit low, the first thing I do is to put something bright on. I know for a fact if I dressed in dowdy colours, I would feel a lot worse. We are living in difficult times and there are days when emotionally I feel low. This is the day to not only wear colour but choose one of you favourite outfits that make you feel good. I always say that you should not save your favourite outfits for best, as you want to look your best every day. If you know that you look good, you will feel good too.

Some clients love to wear black

Black in my book is not a colour, and I hate it for all the connotation’s, but some ladies’ just love it. If you must black, wear a colour with it. Black trousers are a staple in most ladies wardrobes but choose a colourful top. Why?

  • You will feel so much better
  • It will give you some much needed energy
  • The colour will liven up your whole face
  • Colour will give you some energy

Colours can be bright or muted.

Colours can be bright and vibrant or soft and muted and it depends on your skin tone as to which works best for you. There are warm colours which have a yellow undertone and cool colours that have a blue undertone. Once you know if you are warm or cool it is easy to find the right colours for you, at the right level of colour. If you would like more information about that, check out my website for more details

Inject some colour into your life in these difficult times.

If that is too frightening and you cannot see yourself in a colourful top, then add colour with your accessories. This is so easy to do, if you are wearing a black dress, choose a colour, say Pink, and add a pink handbag, shoes, scarf, or statement necklace. By the way your handbag and shoes do not necessarily have to match. Check out my online shop for some ideas for accessories to add to your outfits to inject some colour.

Colour gets you noticed

People will remember you for the colours you wear. When I ask the question why you not wear colour I usually get one of these answers

  • I am not sure which colours suit me and so I go for the safety of black
  • I do not want to stand out

You can wear colour in soft or muted tones which bring all the best in you without avoiding colour. Colour does not have to be in bright vivid colours, its about finding out which colour work best for you.

Live your life in Colour

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Find out which colours work best for you!!

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