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Ideas on how to wear your denim jacket.

You are never to old to wear a denim jacket and they are a staple in your wardrobe staple. They also never go out of fashion, so you are always on trend. I own three and now the weather hopefully will start to get warmer I am looking forward to wearing them again. Read on for some ideas of how to wear your denim jacket.

Ideas of how to wear your denim jacket.

I have three denim jackets in my wardrobe. First, I bought a light denim jacket which I have had for many years and comes out of the wardrobe every spring. A few years ago, I bought a peach coloured one in the Next sale. At the end of last summer, I bought a red one with a snake print in the material. This one I had at the end of the season so looking forward to finding some creative ways of wearing.

The Classic Denim Jacket.

Ideas on how to wear your denim jacket
Ideas on how to wear your denim jacket

This is what springs to mind when you say denim jacket. It is one of the original styles which they are still making today. I love this look over a skirt or dress and white trainers. It makes the dress more casual. If you wanted this look now whilst is it cold, you could have a jumper underneath on top of your dress. Warm tights and boots to complete the look.

You can also get these denim jackets in winter versions that are fur lined if you like this look. In the winter I wear my leather biker jacket to get a similar look.








Ideas on how to wear your denim jacket
Ideas on how to wear your denim jacketDark Navy Denim Jacket

Dark Denim Jacket.

Here is a different style jacket which is longer in the length which may suit certain body shapes allowing you to wear longer tops underneath. It is styled with a hoodie underneath which is perfect for the current weather. Because of the boxy style it looks good with the underneath layer longer. The trousers are a wide leg to balance out the look.


White Denim Jacket.

Ideas on how to wear your denim jacket
Ideas on how to wear your denim jacket


I cannot remember whether this was white or cream. Choose a white one if you have a cool skin tone and cream if you have a warm skin tone. This can be your go to summer jacket.

These jackets look great over all your summer clothes, dresses, skirts, shorts, and all your various trousers. They are available in lots of different colours and styles the choice is yours.

I would say choose one that is slightly oversized so you can wear a jumper underneath on the cooler days.

All the clothes I have shown here I saw in Marks & Spencers which was where I got this idea to share in this blog.

I hope this has given you some ideas of how to wear your denim jackets. If you have any other ideas do share them below.

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  1. This blog is very attractive to summer denim jackets. They had summer is very hot weather this is many people are visit in holidays state and denim jackets are be useful to holidays to attractive them the fashion.
    Well done!

    1. Thank you I feel that a denim jacket is an asset to any wardrobe as it is so useful

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