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How to wear black if it is not one of your colours

How to wear black if it is not one of your colours
How to wear black if it is not one of your colours

Ideally warm skin toned ladies and mature ladies should not wear black next to their face. WHY? because it can be draining, and it is a negative colour. BUT what about the little black dress I hear you ask? Yes you can be a rule breaker but read on to find out how to wear black if it is not one of your colours.

How to wear black if it is not one of your colours.

I was given this long black dress from a friend of mine to wear on a cruise I was going on. Because it is not one of my colours and black is not a colour, I generally feel comfortable in, I was not keen to wear it. As you can see from the photograph I have put on some makeup and a bright red lipstick. I have also chosen a bright red statement necklace, and the colour is shining up on my face and with this in mind I think I can get away with it. I teamed it with a small red leather handbag and red sandals. Also, I must say that I felt very nice in the dress and got lots of compliments on Facebook. Would I buy a black dress probably not, but I have to say that this outfit felt all right.

How else can you style a little black dress?

I think the simple answer is to wear colour with it and choose a colour from your colour pallet. Depending on the dress as to how you do it.

A little black dress – you could add colour with a bright coloured scarf. This could be a large scarf that covers a large portion of the dress or a small infinity scarf in the neck.

An evening dress – you could add a colourful jacket.

A pair of black trousers – this is an easy one, keeping the black away from the face is the easiest way to wear black if it is not one of your preferred colours as you can add colour on your top half.

Use colour to draw the eye.

Wherever you put the colour will draw the eye. Use colourful accessories to enhance your outfit, jewellery, shoes, and handbags. Makeup also plays a part, blusher, lipstick, and nail varnish will all add colour.

So, can everyone black?

Most people can wear most colours, it is about the intensity and undertone of the colour that counts. If there must be one rule there are better choices for warm skin toned ladies but if you want to be a rule breaker think about adding colour to wear with it.

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