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Are you ageing yourself by what you are wearing?

Are you ageing yourself by what you are wearing?
Are you ageing yourself by what you are wearing?

This is an interesting thought. We have all heard of the saying “you don’t want to look mutton dressed as lamb.” Is it a fine line between dressing for your age and wearing clothes that make you look older than you are. This is something we do not want to do. Here are my thoughts on the subject.

Are you ageing yourself by what you are wearing?

We are all going to age, and there is nothing we can do about that, but we can choose to dress to make ourselves look more youthful rather than frumpy. If I think about my grandparents, they always looked the same from a little girl and dressed like old ladies. We don’t have to do that now.

Choose colours that suit you and your unique skin tone.

It is important to wear colour to bring your face alive. So many ladies choose to wear black, or very neutral tones which can make you look washed out. Also, they can drain any colour in your skin which can make you look unwell and older especially if worn close to your face.

If you want to wear black keep it away from your face and wear your pop of colour near your face. You could also wear some brighter makeup to counter the aging effect.

Avoid oversized flowing clothes

We all love to wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes when we are relaxing at home but don’t be shy to show your lovely figure. Some ladies like to hide under flowing tunics baggy cardigans, loose trousers, or shapeless skirts. If you also put comfortable shoes too you will give the impression of an older frumpy vibe.

If you want to wear oversized, do so only on one half of your body. For example, you could choose a loose-fitting top over some fitted trousers so your body shape is not totally hidden. Or you could choose a fitted top over a loose-fitting skirt.

Take care choosing the right underwear.

Your underwear is so important as it is the foundation in which you add your clothes and so it is imperative to get it right. Otherwise, your clothes will not sit right on your body. I would advise everyone to have a regular bra fitting to make sure you have the correct bra size. What you want to avoid is a low sagging bust as this is so ageing. When I took my mum for a bra fitting, I was told that she needed a full cup bra for the mature lady and would recommend that for the support it offers. What you do not want to do is create bulges on your back.

In am not a fan of the knickers that claim to suck in all the fat and give you a flat tummy as the fat must go somewhere. If you are wearing a figure-hugging dress make sure you wear a full pant to avoid any (VPL) visual panty line.

Add colour to your look

If you do not want to wear colour, try adding it to your makeup and accessories but wearing colour near the face. A statement-coloured neck lace or scarf can have the same effect.

Do not be afraid to show your personality.

Get some inspiration from your style icons, do not be afraid to experiment with colour, styles, and fashion. You can be who you want to be. Do not hide in black or beige neutral colours and shapeless clothes. Learn how to dress your body shape. You can download my book “How to dress your body shape and become the best version of you” for £4.99. from my website. If you need any help with, finding your true colour do get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


It is not about denying your age or trying to look like your daughter. The goal here is it to look youthful, making the most of figure, choosing clothes that flatter your body shape. Adding a a pop of colour particularly near your face to bring your face alive. If you need any help of advice on colour or style do get in touch. Do follow me on Instagram & Facebook for my colour and style tips.

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