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You really can make more outfits with less clothes

How many times have I heard” I have got a wardrobe full of clothes, but I have nothing to wear” We all have too many clothes in our wardrobe and sometimes we can’t see what we do have? This makes it difficult to put outfits together. Things get pushed to the back and you forget what you do have. Here are my thoughts on how you can really make more outfits with less clothes.

You really can make more outfits with less clothes

In a colour consultation with me I will show you which colours will make you look and feel fantastic. I will show you how to build a mix and match wardrobe. You will never buy a top that you have nothing to wear with it as everything will work together. This means that you need less clothes to make more outfits. How cool is that to know that everything in your wardrobe you are wearing.

Knowing your colours means shopping is so much easier.

You go into a shop and home in on the colours that suit you and disregard all the others. The same goes for style. If you know which styles flatter your body shape you can avoid looking at what does not work for you. For arguments sake I have a straight up and down column figure and like to add curves by wearing fitted tailored jackets which gives the illusion of curves. For that reason, I would not even look at a shapeless long line jacket as I know I would look lost in it. Therefore, it pays to know your colours and your style. If you need help, please do get in touch.

You really can make more outfits with less clothes
You really can make more outfits with less clothes

How to utilise all the items in your wardrobe to make more outfits.

Take this dress here that was displayed in the Next window this week. We have a floral dress that you could wear on its own with bare legs and trainers in the summer. Or, you could team this with thick tights ankle or knee- high boots. Try adding a cardigan or jacket depending on the occasion. To wear this dress in the cooler weather put a polo neck jumper and skinny jeans underneath. Finnish off with a biker jacket on top. Another way to wear this dress would be to put a jumper on top of the dress so it looks like a top and skirt. If it was a more formal occasion you could put a smart jacket or a lightweight cardigan/coat.

You really can make more outfits with less clothes

The items you are wearing with this dress, the jumper, skinny jeans, biker jacket, boots and trainers can all be worn to make different outfits. This is how to create more looks and outfits from a core number of items. If you have chosen all these items in your own personalised colour pallet, they will all tone and blend with each other.

Try using different colour combinations

Try using different colour combinations as this will make your outfits look different. I love pink and green, which is not a common use of colour. Think of nature, spring flowers, tulips in all the spring colours. Perhaps you could try wearing your shade of green in a trouser or skirt instead of the trustee black. On my Pinterest I have a colour pallets board showing different shades to together and different colour combinations.

Always wear the colour where you want to draw the eye. If you feel that you have a larger bottom half wear the colour on in your top to draw the eye up. There are so many beautiful colours to choose from why you would want to shy away from colour. Embrace your mood and use colour to make you feel good.

I hope that has given you some ideas on how to utilise all your clothes. If you would like some more advise, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you need any help or advise, please do not hesitate to get in contact and I will be pleased to help youYou can follow me on Facebook  where I regularly post style updates.  Pinterest  is a love of mine and here I have several boards from style, colour combinations and many more. If Instagram is your thing, I am on there as well. Why not give me a call for a chat to find out how I can help you on 07786 632798 or email me or visit my website 

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