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Shopping online versa the High Street – What’s your view?

Shopping online versa the High Street - Whats your view?
Shopping online versa the High Street – Whats your view?

When you shop for clothes do you use the High Street for do you prefer to order online? I guess it’s just personal choice and there are pros and cons on both sides. Here I am talking about my own personal experience of using both and why sometimes you need to order online as there is no other choice. Shopping online versa the High Street – What’s your view?

Shopping online versa the High Street – What’s your view?

I love to go retail shopping.

I love looking at what’s in the shops, following the trends in styles and colours and seeing what is available. Sometimes, I find things that I think my clients might like, and I can make recommendations. It is important to me to touch and feel the fabrics, see how they are cut and hang. Will they screw up when you sit in them? The big advantage to me about seeing an item in the flesh is the colour. So often it will say a colour online and when it arrives it looks nothing like the picture.

I love to go retail shopping.

Going into a shop does mean that you can try on before you buy, as so often you need to try on several sizes. It appears now that no two size 12’s are the same and this happens in most stores, so when ordering you do need to order two sizes. If you don’t like trying on in the store you can usually tell by holding up a top, whether it is going to fit. Another reason why I like to shop in store is you can see what is available to buy to wear with this item. I like to buy mix and match so I can make more outfits out of less clothes. For me it is the whole experience of going out and buying something new and taking it home that day. It’s true what they say” let’s go for some retail therapy”

I love to browse online

If I have seen something in store but they did not have my size in stock I am happy to order online, as I have seen the item and know it is something I like.

Another time I ordered several items online was when I was searching for an outfit to wear to my niece’s wedding in South Africa. I couldn’t see what I wanted in the shops and found that each concession didn’t have the choice. I ordered about eight dresses from different stores and made a choice from there. Because I was looking for a special dress, I was looking in places like Phase Eight and Hobbs where I found they had a wider selection online.

I love to browse online

When you can try on in the comfort of your own home you can put together the outfit with accessories and get the full look. You can also see what you already have in your wardrobe that will go with it. I would suggest that you do that too with anything that you buy in store. You don’t want to have items in your wardrobe not worn with the tags still on.

Drawbacks of ordering online

These are my own personal views, as I know many ladies prefer to order online as they hate shopping. 1) Delivery costs, and the cost to return any items that you do not want. These obviously don’t occur if you can collect and return to store. 2) They don’t always look like they do online and particularly the colour. 3) They often arrive all screwed up in a plastic bag and need ironing before you even try. 4) Sometimes you must wait a while for or order to arrive. 5) You have to be at home to take in the delivery unless you have a safe place to leave it or arrange a parcel shop to collect from. Having said all of that I do sometimes have the need to order online.

What’s your view?

I would be interested to hear from you. What you think about buying on the High Street against ordering online. Have I just been unlucky when I receive a dress I have ordered screwed up in a plastic bag, looking like a rag?

Shopping online versa the High Street – What’s your view?

I guess at the end of the day it all comes down to personal choice. Some ladies don’t have the time to go shopping or they just hate doing so and would rather try on at home. I am just interested to find out what people think. I am not sure how much longer the High Street can survive. The retailers that do not have an online presence seem to be fading away. It would be such a shame if we lose the choice to how we shop.

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