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You are never to old too wear denim and here is why

It has been known in the past that denim is for the young. I think that is because initially denim meant jeans and masculine shaped jackets. Times have changed and the denim material has changed over the years some light, some heavy duty and a lot in a stretchy wearable fabric. This has given us a huge clothing range to choose from. Therefore, you are never to old too wear denim and here is why.

You are never to old too wear denim and here is why

You are never to old to wear denim and here is why
You are never to old to wear denim and here is why

I could and have written a whole blog on denim jeans as there is so many different styles to choose from, it is a bit of a mind field, so I will save that for another blog. What else is out there in denim? So much to choose from, and it can be teamed up with so many things. I think every wardrobe needs a good pair of jeans and a good denim skirt as they can be casual, or you can dress them up.

These were the models in John Lewis this week. I am not sure I would have styled the models like this, but it is a good example of how you can use the denim items in your wardrobe. The first model has a striped denim in the trouser and a darker denim blouse on the top. Apparently, you can now wear double denim if you wish. They have added some colour in the cardigan and shoes. I think that you can put a neutral trench coat over anything. Not sure about the belt around the middle though. The final model again in double denim but they have broken it up with a pale blue blouse.

Personally, I think I would have added a bit more colour to these models but then I am biased.


You are never to old too wear denim and here is why

You are never to old to wear denim and here is why
You are never to old to wear denim and here is why

A denim dress can look timeless and of course will never be out of fashion so is something you can keep in your wardrobe for some time. The denim is in a heavy winter fabric and has long sleeves. This model has a blouse underneath, but you could wear a roll neck jumper if it was cold. An older lady could wear a dress like this with dark tights and knee- high boots and a younger person might wear short boots. I love belt around this dress it is very flattering, but you could also add your own belt if you wish.

The model on the end has a wide leg jean in a very dark denim which any age can wear. I don’t like the leg length but that is personal choice. It has been teamed with a mid- blue blouse with a tie front. I think that the fitted beige jacket works well but I don’t personally like the look with the belt worn round the middle.

I think that putting a scarf through the belt loops on the middle model make a nice accessory and brightens up a plain trouser.

You are never to old to wear denim and here is why

Are there any rules to bear in mind if you are an older lady wanting to wear denim? I think you can wear any colour denim you feel comfortable in. Some would say go for a darker denim rather than the more faded version. Stay away from embroidery, and sparkles/sequins, but if you feel like a rule breaker and can carry if off why not.

Denim does not have to be blue of course

Jeans come in many colours, red, burgundy, khaki, black, grey the list goes on, so if you are unsure of wearing the typical blue denim why not try a coloured version in your colour pallet which is a great alternative to the blue. Sometimes these can be more flattering as you are wearing something in your own colours that bring out the best in you.

So, can anyone of any age where denim?

I think yes, they can. As with anything you need to be mindful of your body shape as you don’t want to add pounds where you don’t need too. Some denim fabrics are thick, so you don’t want to put heavy folds of material around your waist if that is where you carry your weight. Also be sure to wear something with the denim in your own colours that work with your skin.

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