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My tips on how to remain visible in your maturing years

My tips on how to remain visible in your maturing years
My tips on how to remain visible in your maturing years

Women in their teens up to the age of and around her mid- forties will have a variety of hormones and collagen that keeps you young looking.  As we approach the Menopause, we notice lots of changes in our bodies. For me although I have stayed the same weight it has redistributed itself and my body shape has changed. I am not going to talk about all the symptoms of the Menopause because I am sure we all know what they are. I am going to be sharing with you my tips on how to remain visible in your maturing years by sharing my knowledge.

My tips on how to remain visible in your maturing years

Those of us that are still in the workplace, there will be younger people coming up the ranks who may be more appealing to employers as they are perhaps cheaper to employ. You may feel overlooked for promotion in preference to a younger person. Perhaps you may be looking to return to the workplace after bringing up your family. Coming out of a divorce, or perhaps just need some guidance to be the best version of yourself.

Do you need a style update?

What do we need to do as women to remain visible as we get older? Are we too old to wear bright bold colours? Should we watch the length of our skirt? These are common questions ladies ask as they don’t want to look mutton dressed as lamb.

Embracing colour as you age

Colour can do so much, and wearing the right colour is even better. I hate it when I see women who have decided to embrace going grey, also choosing to stop wearing colour too. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with going grey at all. Some women look fantastic, particularly, cool toned ladies. Many ladies choose to wear bland neutral colours, or even worse black as they want to blend in, or they don’t know which colours work best for them. This does not work if your hair is grey too.

My tips on how to remain visible in your maturing years

For these ladies they will look and feel so much better if they wear some colour. When I say this, I don’t necessary mean they have to wear very bright or neon colours. For some ladies the pastel colours might be right for them. It is important to find out which would best flatter your skin tone and bring out the best in you.

We all have our own favourite colour

I am known for loving the red and orange and enjoying wearing those colours as they give me energy.  These are not the only colours I can wear. Recently, I have been drawn to the colour green and I love wearing all warm shades of green as it is a soothing colour to wear. We can all wear most colours, it’s just a question of finding the right tone for you. For more details on colour analysis visit my website 

Learn to dress for your body shape

If your body shape has changed since going through the menopause you may need to change your style. Perhaps you worked in the Corporate world and are now working for yourself, or you could be retired. Now could be the time to look at your style. As you get older you don’t have to look old and dress like your grandma did at our age. There is a lot of choice out there and you are can find your own sense of style. It is a question of learning how to draw attention to the best bits and draw the eye away from the bits you don’t like.

Do you want to change your style and image?

Dressing to suit your body shape and using colour will transform enhance look enabling you to make that great first impression. Knowing that you look good will give you the confidence to be who you want to be. For more details on a Style Consultation visit my website

Learn how to accessorise your outfits.

Accessories can make an outfit, wearing some nice costume jewellery, perhaps a nice scarf. Using a good quality handbag and choosing colours to compliment your outfit. Using accessories, you can find your own style. I follow several style people online and one lady who is retired and who shops in individual shops some preloved as her own sense of style. She has some wacky outfits which look fantastic on her. She wears hats, head scarfs, statement jewellery and mixes colours that I never would but it works.

You deserve to look and feel fantastic!!

Invest in yourself, have your haircut regularly, let’s face it your hair is your crowning glory. You wear your hair style everyday so make sure that is looks good. Keep your fingernails in shape, chipped nails look awful. Make sure your take time out for you, look after yourself first, you will have more to give others. Looking and feeling good and knowing that you do will give you confidence.

You will have to get used to comments like “Wow you look good”. 

If you need any help or advise, please do not hesitate to get in contact and I will be pleased to help youYou can follow me on Facebook  where I regularly post style updates.  Pinterest  is a love of mine and here I have several boards from style, colour combinations and many more. If Instagram is your thing, I am on there as well. Why not give me a call for a chat to find out how I can help you on 07786 632798 or email me or visit my website 

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Find out which colours work best for you!!

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