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My top tips on how to disguise your tummy

My top tips on how to disguise your tummy
My top tips on how to disguise your tummy

When you talk of body confidence so many ladies are aware that they have a large tummy area. I know since the menopause my body shape has changed and I sometimes feel bloated in that area. So, here are my top tips on how to disguise your tummy.

My top tips on how to disguise your tummy

There are many ways that you can camouflage a large tummy by dressing to draw the eye away and not drawing attention to the area.

Wear the right underwear

This is so important as your underwear is the canvas which you put your clothes on top. Firstly, get yourself fitted for a bra. So many ladies are wearing the wrong size, and this will impact on the look of your clothes. If you have large breasts that are hanging low, you will not be able to see your waist.

I am not a fan of support knickers as the fat must go some wear and you can end up with a muffin top. Choose a pair of knickers that will give you a smooth line and no VPL (Visual Panty line).

Draping & Ruching Works Well

Soft clothes that drape is a gentle way to disguise extra weight in the tummy area. Ruching across the tummy area can cover a tummy but be careful not to have too much gathers as this will add bulk.

Boxy Clothes can add pounds

If your blouse has a square bottom that finishes across your tummy it will add pounds. Look for a top with split sides or a curved bottom as this will move with you an work with your curves.

Avoid Baggy or Tight Clothing

I have seen larger ladies choosing to wear very large loose- fitting clothes, but this can just make them look larger. On the other end of the scale wearing clothes that are too tight can make you look larger. When I worked in Wallis, I would suggest to ladies to try a larger size sometime and you could see that the clothes would hang so much better. Don’t get hung up on a size label as no one see that only you know what size you are wearing.

Direct the eye away from your tummy.

If you don’t want people looking at your tummy, redirect their gaze to your neckline and face. A top that has some embellishment or interesting detail at the neckline as a great way to distract. A beautiful necklace also works well to put the focus up top.

Avoid detail at the waist

Try to avoid trousers with a front zip and go for either a side zip or a flat front skirt or trousers with a wide waistband and no zipper. This will avoid any extra bulk around that area. Take care of pleats and make sure they work with your curves and not accentuate them.

Style with layers

Thin layers can work well to distract the eye. For example, try a long line t/shirt under a longer cardigan. This can give the illusion that you are taller than you are.

Dress with colour in mind

Wear the dark colours on your bottom half and add the pop of colour in your top. Or dress top to toe in one block colour and wear a single breasted jacket that nips you in at the waist left open. Or a long line jacket or cardigan in a pop of colour.

My top tips on how to disguise your tummy

These are just a few of my top tips on how to disguise your tummy. If you need any more help and advice please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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