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When Did You Last De-Clutter Your Make up Bag?

Makeup bag
These two products are my favourite

We all know that make-up has a shelf life but when was the last time you checked how old your make up is.

What percentage of your make-up do you use?

It’s time to clear out and discover only products you need in your make-up bag.

It’s like clearing out your wardrobe, what do you have that you never wear, eye shadows that no longer suit or perhaps you have found are not in your colour pallet.  Make up does have an expiry date and they say the average Mascara lasts three months, sometimes things just look past their sell by date.  So use your discretion and throw anything that you do not use

It’s time to clear out and create a capsule collection – So what do you really need.

  • For your skin – You need a primer followed by a base either a BB cream or Foundation (whichever you prefer) and concealer and powder for the oily bits.
  • Eyes – You need no more than a Mascara ( Try the 3D Fiber Lash by Younique), a couple of natural shadows, eye brow pencil and eye pencils to create that look.  These are a all available all over the High Street.
  • Blusher / Bronzer This is essential to give that natural glow. Either choose a peachy/ pinky tone according to your skin tone warm or cool if you prefer  a bronzer ( Beachfront Bronzer from Younique is a good one to try) This will give you that sun kissed look which you can use all over your face and even on your shoulders and chest and is a must for when you go on holiday.
  • Lipsticks – Firstly you need a natural lip liner that will work with several colours. The idea of a lip liner is to stop your lipstick bleeding on your face and does not necessarily have to match the colour of your lipstick. Try the Younique  lip pencil in Pouty.  Lip colours you ideally need one in Nude, one in a red tone, and one in a rosy pink all depending on your skin tone warm or cool.

Since becoming a Younique Presenter in December last year I have over that time slowing converted to now using all their products. Their 3D Fiber Lash Mascara is the best there is and now they have followed up with the 3D Fiber+ plus which will give you the look of lash extensions.

Why not take a look at their range on my website or contact me direct as I do hold a small amount of stock.


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