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Do You Want To Look and Feel More Confident?

  • Sandra Sparrowhawk from ColourworxDo you like to blend into the background?
  • Do you choose to wear bland neutral colours?
  • Are you comfortable wearing your normal black so as to not stand out in a crowd?
  • Are you aiming to not be noticed?

These are all signs of someone who wants to blend in and not be noticed but why would you want to do that? I am basically very shy and as a young person I would have fitted into any one of the above.

Over the years I have been slowly stepping out of my comfort zone small steps at a time and I am now able to step into a room full of people I don’t know but it has taken time and a determination to do so. I started with some self help books like “Feel the Fear and do it anyway” by Susan Jeffers and many others which did help me move forward and one day someone said to me if you wear red it gives you confidence even if it is not seen  ( a piece of underwear).

I started to give this a lot of thought and knew what colours suited me and red just happened to be one of them and orange too.  These are both very good energy giving colours and I found that they gave me confidence too.  So, if I am going to a Networking event where I am not sure if I am going to know anyone I choose to wear Red or Orange as it gives me confidence to walk into a room knowing that not only do these colours suit me and flatter my skin but they make me feel good too.

On the other hand if you want to relax at the end of a day you do not want to be wearing these energy giving colours you need to wear a soothing green of perhaps cream to aid relaxation.

If you know that you look good in a particular outfit it will not only give you confidence in wearing it but you will also give off the right vibes and attrack back to you.  We all know that our thoughts attract the same back to us, so if you are thinking positive you will attract positive things back to you, whereas if you are thinking negatively that also will attract negative back to you.  So this it why it is so important to send out the right message so when you meet someone for the first time you are portraying the message you want to give.

Just give it some thought tomorrow morning when you dress for work, what am I doing today and what am I looking to say about myself.  Take note of how you feel when you wear certain colours, are they empowering or do they make you feel sluggish and tired.  If you are wearing the right colours you will find that you get compliments like “you look well have you been away” or “I love that top on you” but if you are wearing the wrong colour someone might say “Are you feeling ok?” or “You look tired” a good sign to know that you got it wrong

You don’t have to go out for full blown full on colour but you can accessorise your little black dress with that bright scafe, statement necklace, coloured shoes or hand bag. Or you could go for a dress in Navy instead which is not so harsh.

I don’t believe that you have to buy designer clothes to look good and I certainly don’t, it just a question of where to find the bargains and I can help you do that.  I can also advise on which colours will best flatter your skin tone and which style would best compliment  your body shape and personality style.  I also give advise on how to put outfits together with accessories to help people learn to do the same for themselves.

The good news is that we can all wear almost any colour.  It is the undertone or intensity of colour that makes the difference.  You wear the clothes – the clothes should not wear you.  Knowledge buys a well dressed person not money

If  you need any help and advise please feel free to look through my website and contact me for further information



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