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Should a women of a certain age wear leggings?

How to wear leggins

I personally I have never been a fan of leggings, for those of you who don’t know me, I am tall and slim and everyone says to me of course you can wear them !!  but I have never felt comfortable  as I have thin legs and large knees and for that reason tend to only wear them at my Yoga class or relaxing at home.

Any body shape can carry off leggings as long as you follow the rules:

  • The  top is long and over your bottom (the longer the better) this covers up the larger area around the tummy, top of the legs and larger hips
  • Tunics or a dress or perhaps I long line jumper
  • A long line jacket that is defined at the waist is good
  • Avoid anything that clings or is cropped unless you have a good body
  • It is wise to invest in a good pair and avoid the cheap versions as they will cling to the body and show all the lumps and bumps which is not a good look.
  •  Also stick to plain colours and avoid busy patterns.
  • So my advise is to invest in a good quality pair in a plain colour which will give the look of a pair of skinny jeans/jeggins but with the added benefit of the comfort.

So which is the best way to wear them – I think they look the best tucked into a pair of knee high boots or  short ankle boots but some prefer a flat pair of shoes  (ballet pumps or loafers)

The answer to the question “Should a women of a certain age wear leggings?”  If you follow the guide above I don’t see why not, but the bottom line is, you have to feel comfortable in what you are wearing and not every outfit is suitable for every occasion but they certainly have a place in most women’s wardrobe.

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4 thoughts on “Should a women of a certain age wear leggings?

  1. Leggings worn under a long top, perfect if top is oversize, however, leggings with short top or t shirt absolute no no. One looks half dressed as though you forgot to put the top half on.
    A great tip for the older ladies. Plain Leggings with same coloured vest top,(column dressing), then a long patterned shirt to the knee just buttoned at the waist. Very chic!

    1. I could not have put it better myself you are so right. I personally don’t wear leggings unless I am in an exercise class as I have thin legs but wear skinny jeans in the same way/

  2. My mother has been wanting to wear leggings, but she’s conscious because she’s been thinking that, this outfit doesn’t seem appropriate for her age. I like your suggestion of pairing the leggings with a lined jacket that will define the waist. Also, I agree with you that a dress will also be a good match.

    1. Leggings do have lots of ways to wear them and you can definitely wear them as an older lady in the correct way. It depends on your style and then occasion you are wearing them for.

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