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What Should I Wear To A Networking Event?

Now the summer is over and we are all back to work,  we are also back to Networking, but what should we wear?  Everyone says that people would have made an assumption of you in the first 30 seconds, so how do you make that great first impression bearing in mind that people will remember you for what you wear.

It is so easy for to men to dress for a Networking event, because they don’ t have the choice us ladies do.  Most networking is either first thing in the morning, lunch time of after work so it just easy to go straight from work which usually means they are in a suit or jackets and trousers, but I have noticed now that some are just dressed smart casual as the workplace now days is more relaxed.

Should I wear a Suit?

When I first started networking having had a corporate back ground, felt that you had to wear a suit because that is what used to be expected.  Yes there were lots of ladies there wearing suits and jackets and skirts/trouser suits but I must admit that some did not look very uncomfortable because perhaps it was not their personality.

Should you wear your uniform?

Now if you are a beautician or therapist for arguments sake, that it easy and I would suggest that you go in your business uniform.  If you have your own T/Shirt with your business logo on that is good as people will instantly recognise you.  Remember that people remember you for what you wear so it is important to get it right.  So if you don’t fall into one of those categories where do you start

Should I wear my favourite outfit?

Yes I always choose something that I know will give me confidence, my favourite colours are red and orange and they are both very energetic colours giving me the energy I need, which give me confidence.  I am still shy walking into those environment’s and I need to know that I am looking my best.  (After all this is what I do coach people to look and feel their very best).  As people will remember you for what you are wearing, make sure it is in a colour that is flattering to you and a style that brings out your best features.

Should l wear something I am comfortable in?

Yes I don’t believe that you have to wear a suit or a jacket, if you don’t normally, a nice dress, trousers and a blouse/top, or skirt and top and every other variation. The point is you have to be comfortable, if the service you are offering is in a relaxed environment then you can dress that way. Most people are nervous enough at a networking events and if you are not comfortable in what you are wearing will make you feel worse.   I have seen ladies at these events who have dressed a certain way as they feel they should but they are  uncomfortable and spend the time fidgeting and end up not enjoying the whole experience and when it comes to their time to speak don’t end up coming across as they would like too.

People buy people

I think that people buy people and it is nice to let your personality come across in what you wear.  So If you are wearing a plain classic dress then add a nice piece of jewellery, or a scarf, team it up with a coloured cardigan, shrug or jacket.  The dress may look nice by adding a belt and of course a nice pair of shoes (or boots in winter) and handbag.  (The shoes and handbag don’t need to match by the way)  It is a question of putting a whole outfit together that you feel comfortable in, if you know you look good, you will feel good inside which will project to those you come into contact with. So to sum up!!!

So How do you dress for a networking event?

Choose something you know that you look good in and that you feel comfortable in, as this will give you confidence.  Get out your outfit out the night before so you don’t forget any of the accessories and don’t forget that smile and that is one of the most important things.  This makes you very approachable every one likes a friendly face and you will be the one person everyone will want to speak to.  Have fun with it!!!

We all know about the law of attraction, if you are looking confident and are passionate about what you do it will show in your face, your eyes will light up, a positive attitude will attract the same back to you which is what we all want.

Help Is At Hand

If you need any help or advise do get in touch and I can tell you how I can help you.

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