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What to wear and take for a long-haul flight

What to wear and take for a long-haul flight
What to wear and take for a long-haul flight

I am just preparing for a long-haul fight myself not something you particularly look forward too, but it is a means to an end and for me a nice holiday at the end of it. What you choose to wear is so important so here are my tips on what to wear and take for a long haul flight.

What to wear and take for a long-haul flight

The first thing is to be comfortable in what you are wearing. You don’t want to wear anything to restricting and I would suggest layers. So often when they put on the air conditioning and that is when I reach for my fleece.  If you like leggings they are a good option, or a pair of lounge trousers or track bottoms. On the top a t/shirt of light top as you can always add more if you are cold. Shoes a comfortable pair of shoes that won’t matter if your feet swell.

What to wear and take for a long-haul flight

Beware of the colours you choose to wear. This is a big one. Don’t wear a bright red track suit and then wonder why you couldn’t sleep. Choose a nice calming colour, a soft blue or green or go for a natural colour, as this will help you to relax. If you are flying overnight, it is a good idea to have a neck pillow and a nice warm scarf to snuggle down with. Slipper socks are good as they keep you warm and you can still walk around the plane in those. If you are travelling somewhere hot it is an idea to put a clean t/shirt in your bag to change into before you land.

What to put in your hand luggage

Now I don’t know about you but so often I have arrived or come back from holiday with a cold. The air conditioning sucks up the air in one place and throws it out in another. Someone gave me a tip of putting Vaseline on the inside of your nose to stop the germs going up so that is worth a try. I take antibacterial wipes and wipe down the seat in front the screen and the arms. I take no chances on getting sick.

What to wear and take for a long-haul flight

On most long haul flights, the in flight entertainment is usually quite good so you can watch a couple films. I load up my kindle with books for the holiday anyway, so I can read, and I always buy a couple of magazines to take out with me. As you are going to be sitting still for a long time take a notebook and pen as you may like to do some brain storming. I will also take my colouring book and crayons as I find that relaxing too. If you are doing a night flight I like to take my music on my iPod/tablet (or use your phone) for some relaxing music to get to sleep. You may also like to take some toiletries to freshen up in the morning and clean your teeth.

I know that you do get food on the plane, but it is an idea to take with you a few snacks to nibble on and I always buy a bottle of water once you have gone through security to take onto the plane. It is important to keep hydrated. I would say avoid alcohol, but I usually do have a glass of wine before dinner to help me relax of course.

What to wear and take for a long-haul flight

To summarise, choose clothing that is comfortable and in relaxing muted colours, wear layers, so you can add or take off as the need arises. Try to relax and chill out as the flight time will go quicker. If you can get some sleep, you will arrive rested and ready for your holiday/business trip.

It goes without saying that you need your tickets/boarding passes and passports.

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