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Do you have to follow fashion to dress well?

Do you have to follow fashion to dress well?
Do you have to follow fashion to dress well?

Do you have to follow fashion to dress well? Not if the trend or colour does not suit you. Why would you want to wear something that is in the wrong colour for you just because it is in fashion? Yellow and mustard are trending now but if you have a cool skin tone will not look good on you if it is worn close to your face. It also goes for style too wearing something that does not work with you shape can not look good. I am going to share with you some tips on how to embrace the current trends without being a slave to fashion.

Do you have to follow fashion to dress well?

So, mustard is a colour that you want to wear but if you know it does not suit you, wear it away from your face. Perhaps, in a pair of shoes or a hand bag. Or, you could wear it in a pattern and not a block colour. There are so many colours out there that you can wear, which will bring out the best in you so, why bother with the ones that don’t just because it is in fashion.

There are of course ladies out there that are followers of fashion. No matter what they will only wear what is on trend and that is fine and their choice.  I don’t believe that you must follow fashion to dress well.

Do you have to follow fashion to dress well?

As you get older, I find ladies are not so worried about being a slave to fashion. They like to buy good quality stylish clothes that they know brings out the best in them giving them confidence to be the best version of themselves. For me it’s about building a workable wardrobe of clothes that you love, and you love wearing. Having said that I do follow fashion to a degree and usually buy a few key pieces each season that are on trend to mix into my wardrobe, but they do have to be in my colour pallet and style.

A few things to think about when shopping

  • If you have a rounded shape, choose soft fabrics that skim the body with rounded hems to follow your body shape.
  • A column figure straight up and down with little or no waist choose fitted jacket that gives an illusion of a waist.
  • Small busted ladies should wear tops and blouses that have pockets or details on the front.
  • Large busted ladies choose to wear a “V” or scoop neck with a long necklace to draw the eye down. A wrap style dress too looks fabulous.
  • Skirt lengths are important, make sure they do not finish at the widest part of your leg.
  • A thick waist can be evened out by wearing shoulder pads making them look broader and the look waist slimmer.
  • When choosing patterned fabrics, if you have a small frame go for a small print and a larger lady go for bigger prints.
  • Vertical stripes are good for elongating your frame.

Do you need to buy expensive or designer clothes?

I don’t believe that you must buy designer or expensive clothes to dress well. If you know me, you will know that I am a High Street girl. I prefer to shop in store and not online.  I like to feel the fabrics, see how they hang and to try on and see how they look before I buy. If a label is important to you the outlets or stores like T.K.Maxx sell last season’s styles at a discount. Personally, I like to put my money into the core basic items like trousers, jackets, shoes and boots etc. Then if you want you can add some cheaper fashion items to bring your outfits up to date knowing that if they don’t last it won’t matter as they will be out of date next season.

Do you have to follow fashion to dress well?

Fashion fades, only style remains the same as Coco Chanel once said “Find your own sense of style, and the fairy-tale ending is yours for the wearing”

Do you have to follow fashion to dress well?

So, my advice, would be if you want to wear what’s in fashion first check that the colour is in your colour pallet and it is going to compliment your skin tone. Secondly, is the style of the garment going to work with your body shape. Ideally you want to bring out the best in you and camouflage the bits you don’t like so much.

If there is a celebrity or style icon you admire who has a similar body shape to you, have a look at how they put their outfits together to get some ideas. If you need any help with finding the best colours for you, or any style advise please do get in touch my details are at the bottom of this blog.

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