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Do you need a speaker for any ladies’ events?

Do you need a speaker for any ladies' events?
Do you need a speaker for any ladies’ events?

I am a Colour & Style Coach based in the Chelmsford area and part of my business is speaking at local ladies’ groups and Woman’s Institutes. My clients come to me for Colour & Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit and Personal Shopping. When I first started out in business I auditioned at the WI to be one of their registered speakers. This gave me the opportunity to talk about my passion of colour for how it makes you look and feel. Do you belong to a ladies’ group or WI? Do you need a speaker for any ladies’ event? If you do read on to find out more.

Do you need a speaker for any ladies’ events?

“A question of Colour”

Here I will be talking about how colours effect how you look and feel. All colours have an energy and effect how we feel. Some colours will give you energy whilst others will deplete you of energy.


Wearing the right colour says a lot about you.  It gives you confidence, boosts your self- esteem and empowers you to be the person you want to be.

Colour is the essence of successful dressing

It affects how we feel and how people respond to us. Getting it right gives us more confidence.

Colour attracts the eye

It’s the very first thing people notice about us and it’s what we are remembered for.

Colours which match our skin tone enhance our natural looks and this gives us

  • A healthier more youthful glow without the need for too much makeup.
  • More definition to face shapes and slim body lines.
  • A lively look to the entire face, brightening our eyes and giving our skin a glowing appearance

Colour coordinated clothes are an economical investment creating more outfits with fewer clothes

I will give a live demonstration with a volunteer from the audience showing the effect of wearing different colours.

Do you need a speaker for any ladies’ events?

“Great Ways to Tie Scarves”

This talk is an interactive one where I encourage ladies to being along their own scarves and have a go at some of my suggestions. I personally find that if I do something myself I am more likely to remember. I have many ways to tie your scarves from square, oblong up to and including large ones. If you are having trouble tying any, please bring them along and I will try to offer some suggestions.

Do you need a speaker for any ladies’ events?

Scarf Tying Get Together’ s

If you can’t get to one of my talks I can bring my talk to you. Invite some ladies to your house for a coffee and I will bring my scarves with me. This “makes me time” for you and your friends and in the cost, you will receive a FREE scarf and all the instructions to re-create after the event.

I absolutely love this part of my job, getting out there talking to ladies about my passion of looking and feeling good. Every event is different as there are different people attending each one. I have had very good feedback from my talks so if are interested to know more please do get in touch I would love to hear from you.

You can follow me on Facebook  where I regularly post style updates.  Pinterest  is a love of mine and here I have several boards from style, colour combinations and many more. Why not give me a call for a chat to find out how I can help you on 07786 632798 or email me or visit my website 

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