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How to update your autumn wardrobe

How to update your autumn wardrobe
How to update your autumn wardrobe

Now if you read last weeks blog about changing from your Summer to Winter wardrobe you will have done some de-cluttering and now have some new pieces of clothing that you need to shop for.  So how to update your autumn wardrobe.

Should I follow the fashion trends?

So, should you follow the fashion trends?  Are you a slave to what the fashion mags say?  What I always like to advise my clients is to invest in the classic core items in your wardrobe that won’t go out of date.  These are worth investing in as they will stay in your wardrobe for several years ie a winter coat, a good pair of quality trousers and jackets etc. Then you can add some high fashion items to wear with those and some on trend accessories.    I do personally like to follow fashion and stay up to date but I am not a slave to fashion, I know what suits me and which colours to go for so it makes life a lot simpler. (If you would like any help on learning which colours suit you and ways to dress your body shape please do get in touch) or visit my website for more details.  Click Here    You don’t’ need to pay  huge prices for designer items to look good. but if you do like to wear designer I would suggest that you try TXmaxx, the designer outlets, or any of the Dress Agencies or Charity Shops.  Me personally, I am a High Street shopper and also buy quiet alot for myself in the supermarkets.

So where do you start?

So where to you start, first of all check out your closet.  We have all bought something on sale and get home and find that we have that very item already in our wardrobe.  Dig deep and see if you can use what you have in another way, write a list of what you need and then shop for those items.

Sign up for your favourite shops regular email alerts as they are alway offering discounts and that way you can shop at your leisure from the comfort of your armchair.  Don’t be caught up in shopping in shops that are only for you age group or genda.  If you are a petite lady you could shop in some larger stores in their teen department, or if you have small feet try the kids department for sneekers.  If however you are a larger lady you could try the menswear department for plain t/shirt or socks as they last longer.

Try it on!!

You may think that you know your size but every item of clothing fits diferently, and if you are buying second hand it may have shrunk in time. Try the clothing on and make sure its fits right and feels good. If it doesn’t fit don’t buy it even if it is a good deal as it will just end up languishing in the back of your wardrobe.  Stop buying clothes in the size your wish you are?  It’s good to have goals, but its wasteful to buy things you can’t wear right now and sometimes by going up a size you can atually look slimmer and nobody can see the size label (in fact you can cut it out if it make you feel better)

Cost per wear

Before you make that purchase, consider the cost per wear and then divide the items price by the number of times you are likely to wear it.  If you find an expensive item on sale that you truely love and you know you will wear constantly, the cost per wear makes it totally worth the investment.

You can becomfortable and fashionable on a budget, but if you really want to save money, you need to put a bit of thought into each and every clothing purchase.  The more you intentionally you shop the more you’ll save.

I hope that has given you some ideas on how to add to your wardrobe, how to get started and next week I will give you some ideas on what to purchase for this season with this seasons must haves.

I also have a Colourworx Facebook page where I am regulary posting about fashion trends and style news.  Click here

On Pinterest I have several fashion boards, key fashion tips on colour and dressing your body shape so do take a look   Click Here

I am a Colour & Style Coach based in Chelmsford Essex so if you would  like some details on how I can help you with either Colour to suit you or style please take a look on my website On here are plenty of style tips, follow my style blogs, sign up to my workshops and take a look at my offers.   Alternatively  you can email me on If you would prefer a chat on 07786 632798
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