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How to go from your summer to winter wardrobe

clothes on hangers. No black here
Is your wardrobe a rainbow or a drudge or grey and black?

As the weather has got cooler and the shops are filling up with warmer clothes now is the time to put away all your summer clothes and embrace the new season.  So, how to go from your summer to winter wardrobe.  Here are a few ideas.

Firstly you need to clear away all your summer clothes and I do this by puting them on the large top shelf of my wardrobe where I have stored all my winter jeans etc but some of you may have a suitcase to put the other seasons clothes.  But before you do that are there any that you know that you will not wear next year.  Maybe they are past there best, they no longer fit, or you don’t like the colour on you anymore but there is no point storing them for next year if you know you are not going to wear them again.  Some items may need to go to the cleaners, sandles will need to be re-healed ready for next year and some clothes may need to be althered and sent to a tailor but all this can be done now so in the spring they are ready to wear again.

If they have been in your wardrobe for some time and you have not worn them this summer that may be a clue that you don’t need to keep them anymore.  I always try to put these clothes away clean even if I don’t iron them and then they will come out fresh next year. T/Shirts don’t last forever and particualy the white ones so you can buy new ones next year as they do often wash up and loose their colour.

Now I guess there will be some items that are neither summer or winter and you need to keep in your current wardrobe like long sleeved blouses, light cardigans, and occasion wear.

So now you get down your winter clothes and this is where you do have to be ruthless and remember the one in one out rule.  There are bound to be items that look washed up and worn, try things on and ask yourself do I love this and do I like myself in it and am I going to wear it again this season and if the answer is NO then you need to let it go. I suggest you make three piles 1) for the bin, 2) charity shop, 3) to sell on ebay or similar. If it has a designer tag you can try one of the dress agencies so you can re-invest in something that you will wear.

Fashions change and style of trousers change so be ruthless and don’t keep anything that you really think you will not wear.  If you really can’t bear to see something go pack it away and if you don’t miss it in six months time you maybe able to let it go next time you de-clutter. When you do this also think how could I change this item to make it more wearable and if you know a good tailor who can alter things for you sometimes that is another option.


It is a know fact that most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually see what you have in your closet in the mornings and it would save time each day choosing your outfits. When you put your outfits back in the wardrobe I suggest you try this and turn the hangers around and everytime you wear an item put it back the right way and then you will see all the items you are not wearing. BUT don’t wait till January to do this do it NOW!!

So there are my tips on how to go from your summer to winter wardrobe.

Take a look at my Pinterest board of de-cluttering for some great storeage ideas.

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So now the fun part starts!!  You need to make a list of what you need to fill in the  gaps.  1) What needs to go the dry cleaners? 2) Which shoes/boots need to re-healed, 3) is there anything to be altered/mended.

Time to go shopping!!   Now you know what you need to shop for you won’t end up buying another pair of black trousers that you don’t need as you will be aware of what you do have in your wardrobe.

Next week my blog will be on  “How to update your wardrobe with this seasons key pieces”

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