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What is on Trend for Autumn 2016?

This week as we see the weather cooling down we all reach for warmer clothes as we turn around our summer wardrobe for a winter one.  So what is on trend for autumn 2016?  I am going to share with you some of the current on trend items available to buy on the High Street.

Midi pleated skirt
Midi pleated skirt

Midi Pleated Skirt

I remember having one of these years ago and yes they have come back.  They are in all the shops and what seems to be most on trend are the metalic ones which I have seen in Topshop, Next, Marks & Spencer to name but a few.  Other stores are stocking them in lovely colours from Pink through to dark green so the choice is yours.  Mine is a bronze metalic one from M&S and shall be wearing it with a shirt/blouse in the day time and a silky t/shirt in the evening but they also look good with a nice jumper and boots.


Embroidered Jeans

These are everywhere on the high street in all styles skinny and flared like these, so take you pick and choose a style that flatters your shape.  They make your jeans look a little bit special and are a great to dress up.  Not really an investment buy as they will date,  so don’t spend too much on a pair. These are teamed with a silk shirt but also look good with sequin tops to make them look good for glam for a night out.

Bommer Jacket
Bomer Jacket


Bomber Jackets

I can’t make my mind up about these, they were around in the summer and again they are in the new winter stock.  They come in a very light fabric like a blouse but also coming into the shops in a heavier weight to be worn more like a jacket. As the current look is showing lots of embroidery many are embroidered like this one here, which I am guessing is plain on the front. Some are in patterend material some plain, so there is lots of choice out there.

Floral Dress from Tewd Baker
Floral Dress from Ted Baker


Yes floral fabrics are still very much “on trend” but instead of the summer florals on a light background now go for a dark background of black or navy.  These can be found in dresses like this one from Ted Baker, trousers, tops and blouses.  Just make sure when choosing florals the bigger the person the larger the design.  If you have a petite frame make sure you choose a small print as other wise it will overwhelm you. If choosing a separate like trousers or a skirt make sure you team them with a plain top as this will show the print off well.

I have a Pinterest Page and really love using this as it is a great way to show fashion and style.  I have started a new board with Autumn 2016 trends so go take a look at some of my ideas    Click here

I also have a Colourworx Facebook page where I am regulary posting about fashion trends and style news.   Click here

I am a Colour & Style Coach based in Chelmsford Essex so if you would  like some details on how I can help you with either Colour to suit you or style please take a look on my website On here are plenty of style tips, follow my style blogs, sign up to my workshops and take a look at my offers.   Alternatively  you can email me on If you would prefer a chat on 07786 632798
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