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How To Shop For Clothes That You Need

Shop For What You Need
Shop For What You Need

Shopping for some people is fun and for others a chore because they don’t know what to buy, how to put outfits together and what suits them.  You need to shop for what you need rather than what you want.  So what is the answer, well help is at hand and I can advise on both which colours would best flatter your skin-tone and secondly advise on styles to suit your body shape so please do contact me if you would like more information on that. Contact details at the bottom of this blog.

Here are a few ideas you might like to bear in mind whilst you are shopping because you are looking to build a staple wardrobe that will work for you.  If you buy some good quality basic items which you can build around by adding some seasonal pieces and perhaps some pieces that are on trend if you follow fashion.

Do I already own one like this?

The number of times I have picked up an item whilst shopping and think this is nice, its versatile and will work in my existing wardrobe, its in one of my colours and oh yes I already have one just like it!! Do I really need another one or shall I go for it in another colour?  Now, suppose you have a jacket that you love and you wear all the time, it makes you feel great then that must telling you something. Repeating those elements will bring another great item into your wardrobe that you will wear and wear and is therefore well worth the investment.

Now say it is a little Black Dress –  how many of these do I need?  Are they in different styles? winter and summer versions?  Or should I chose another colour perhaps? You do need to ask yourself these questions. We don’t need repeats in our wardrobes, particularly when they are exactly the same.  Buying the same garment in every colour won’t make you happy, you will just wear the one in your favourite colour and the rest will sit around being ignored.

Will it work for a variety of occasions?

Now I had this very dilemma recently when shopping for an outfit to wear to my step sons wedding.  I obviously wanted to buy something nice but I also didn’t want to  buy something that I knew I would not be able too wear again as it was too dressy.  So I also wanted to invest in a nice dress that I would then be able to wear again for other occasions. I did buy a Phase Eight dress (with a 20% off) which is more than I normally spend but felt I could do so as it is an investment piece.

So when looking for new pieces ask yourself the question, can I dress it up or down.  Can I wear it to work and out to dinner, to go for lunch or shopping.  The more versatile a garment is the more it becomes a great wardrobe workhorse and is worth spending the money on.

Will it work for more than one season?

Not normally, some garments are for mid summer or deep winter and can only be worn at those times, but of course they can last for a number of years (ie that winter coat) Ideally you want the majority of your wardrobe to be fairly trans-seasonal.  This will allows you to wear your garments more getting a better cost per wear for each item.  This then allows you to invest more in a piece if you know you can wear it spring and autumn as well as some of the winter and the summer.

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