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How To Dress For The British Summer

How to Dress for the British Summer
How To Dress For The British Summer

Did we have summer and I blinked and missed it?  How do you dress for the weather we are having  at the moment and the good old British Summer!!

If you are like me,  you have gone out and bought some new summer clothes (mainly for your holiday) but are itching to wear them but the weather has not been warm enough. So How Do You Dress for the British summer?

One word answer to this is layers!!  Yes just layer your clothes so you can take off as the weather gets warmer and layer up when the temperature cools down.  This is so easy to do, the new sleeveless  orange & black striped shirt dress that I recently bought I have teamed up with a cotton long sleeved orange cardigan.  If it needs to be smarter I also have a linen orange jacket.  If you feel the cold you could also add a camisole or t shirt underneath.  I am still happy to go bare legs but you could add a pair of tights.

Camisoles are a great asset in your summer wardrobe and can add a splash of colour to any outfit. They are great to wear under a dress that has a low neck, under a blouse or shirt particularly if the top is in a  see through material.

Cardigans I have them in several colours round or v neck button through. I wear these with a  camisole underneath, or on their own worn with trousers, jeans or a skirt. These are also great to wear over your summer dresses.

Kimonos  I have a couple of these and they are great to take on holiday, one because they are another layer and will take the chill off but they also work as a cover up over your swimsuit.

Sleeveless Coat  Bang on trend and all over the high street.  As I love to wear a lot of denim mine is in navy but there are a lot around in cream and beige which will work with lots of things in your wardrobe.

Blazer  Every wardrobe should have one, these go over anything and my favourite way is with jeans and a white shirt.  A must to take on holiday I usually travel in it to save having to pack it.

Light weight rain mac  Every wardrobe should also have one of these, it keeps off the rain but is not too warm but keeps off the rain

So I hope this helps you to wear your summer clothes even if the weather is not to summer like.  If you would like any help with please do get in touch email me at or call me on 07786 632798 My website is

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