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Choose the right swimwear to suit your body shape

swimming-poolAre your ready to bare all in your swimsuit this year? Its all about choosing the right swimwear to suit your body shape.  That’s all well and good but what would suit my body shape I hear you say?  I have a few ideas here you might like to bear in mind when choosing one this year.

Tummy Technology

Figure Controlling Swimsuit
Figure controlling swimsuit

How do I disguise my tummy? Yes this is a common problem for lots of ladies.  Well help is at hand as lots of the major retailers realise that it is a common problem.  I would suggest that you try one of the tummy control technology swim suits as they will do the same as the hold in pants that you can buy.  You will need to try on for size and may need to go up a size to get a comfortable fit.  Look at the designs,  as many do have the coloured insert in the front perhaps stripes and a plain colour at the sides and this does give a good illusion which is very flattering.

Create a Waist

Want to add some curves in all the right places try a swimsuit with a waistband in the form of a band of colour on the waist.  Sometimes this is just a band of co-ordinating colour or it could be a block colour cutting your body in half but it will give the illusion of a waist.

Full Busted Lady

You do need to go with something that will give you some support and if you go for a swimsuit or bikini you will need to buy by the bra cup size rather than a dress size to get the right support.  Halter neck styles will even out your body while making the most of your assets.

Small Busted Ladies

You might like to go for a top that has some padding or if not at least some pre-formed cups to give you some shape.

Long in the body

Some retailers do a longer length in the body of their swimsuits if not  try a tankini and bottoms.

Pear Shaped Ladies

If you are smaller on the top and have heavier hips and Thighs you are  a pair shape.  Look out for styles with lots of colour and detail on the top in order to detract from the lower half.  High cut bottoms will also leave your legs looking longer.

High- waisted bikinis cover just enough to leave your feeling confident by the pool. I deal for making the most of your figure without revealing too much.

Fake it!

Before you hit the pool if you have not seen any sun it is always a good idea to either have a spray tan or use one of the moisturisers with a colour in which builds over applications.  This I really believe does help hide the imperfections and can give you the sun kissed look and a bit of confidence.

Cover ups

There are loads of cover ups available on the high street but I think you can’t beat a sarong.  Have a look  my Facebook Page as I do have a selection of Sarongs for sale at £15.00 each Facebook

I also hold Sarong Workshops the next one 23rd July Sensational Sarongs where will tell  of some interesting ways to tie your sarong.

I have some interesting fashion boards on Pinterest from how to store your clothes, to fashion ideas, how to dress your body shape and colours

I have a Facebook page which I am regularly posting relevant information on

I am a Colour & Style Coach based in Chelmsford Essex so if you would  like some details on how I can help you with either Colour to suit you or style please take a look on my website or you can email me on If you would prefer a chat on 07786 632798


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