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Nothing to wear and no money to buy anything new?

I have nothing to wear
I have nothing to wear

Does that sound familiar?  I have heard this so many times, I have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear.  Or my husband says to me do you really need another handbag? or another one do you really need another scarf you have a draw full of them.  YES YES YES !!  I scream a girl can never have too many handbags or scarves for that matter. So what is a girl to do if she has nothing to wear and no money to buy anything new?

Shop in your own wardrobe

Yes I really do mean just that, we all know that the average women wears 20% of her wardrobe 80% of the time so what about the rest of it?  We are hearing all the time about de-cluttering but wouldn’t it be so much easier if we had less to choose from each morning when we opened the wardrobe door in despair wondering what to wear.

So my challenge to you is to shop your own wardrobe and find those hidden gems that you had forgotten you had.  This often happens to me when I change my wardrobe round with the seasons and get out all last years summer clothes as spring arrives.  So, pretend that you are in a shop and start looking to put an outfit together.  You will find those hidden gems as you must have liked them enough to buy them in the first place and since you bought that top you had nothing to go with at the time you now might have just have perfect pair of trousers.

What will you learn by doing this? Loads I have even been known to look for a top to go with a statement neckless I fell in love with and found myself building an outfit around this neckless rather than adding one on at the end.

You will start working with what you have rather then just shopping for new and this is sometimes where ladies like to shop in pre-loved shops as new is not always better.

It will also make you realise why you don’t wear certain things that are hanging in your wardrobe, perhaps they are things that you get out in the morning put on and few minutes later take off and you are not sure why.  These are usually items that are in the wrong colour for you or the wrong style, or could not be a good fit.  These items you need to get rid of, either sell them, pass them on or give to a charity shop.

This you can do at your own pace as sometimes life does get in the way and do it  bit at a time.  You will enjoy finding new outfits, whilst de-cluttering at the same time and there will be Aha! moments but make it fun.  You may find some gaps in your wardrobe but at least you will be buying particular pieces to complete a new outfit. Always check to see if you already have a version of what you are looking to buy.

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So before you go shopping again have a look in your wardrobe to see if you already own one of what you are looking for


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