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How To Dress Your Body Shape

My Tips on  – How to Dress your Body Shape

How to dress your body shape
How to dress your body shape

We all have part of our bodies that we want to hide but we also have parts that we should celebrate as well.  It is not about wearing something shapeless that covers all, but drawing attention by wearing colour where you want to direct the eye and wearing the darker colours on the larger areas you wish to minimise.

Don’t be hung up by the size label

I have clothes in my wardrobe in sizes 10, 12, & 14 and it is only a number after all.  If you need to go up a size go up a size.  If something is too tight  (or too short) it won’t look flattering, in fact it will make you look bigger than you are .  Nobody can see the size label so no-one will know what size it is so don’t get hung up on it.

Wear The Right Underwear.

This is so important and can make a huge difference to the overall look.  I would recommend having a bra fitting and investing in some good pieces.  Dark undies for under your dark clothes and nude under white and light colours. We all have those Bridget Jones Knickers in our wardrobes for those special outfits so we can avoid the VPL (visual panty line) and a word of advise is to buy the next size up to avoid the muffin top coming over the top.  The same goes for knickers and swimwear as it is more flattering.

How Do I Dress For My Body Shape?

Magazines are always talking about what you want to hide!  Instead, focus on what you want to HIGHLIGHT.  Maybe you have long legs, so you would wear high rise trousers, or skinny jeans, an hourglass figure you would choose something to accentuate your curves etc. We all glow with confidence when we are wearing something in the right colour and style for us. So think back to when you last wore something that you got a lot of lovely comments wearing?  It might be your favourite dress or that pair of jeans that you felt good in. You could look back on some photos where you looked confident and happy and check out what you were wearing. The important thing is to wear something that you are comfortable in, and draws the eye to the areas you wish to highlight.

Know A Good Tailor

Need to have that dress? but it does not look right!!,  take it to a good tailor to have perfected for your body shape. Dress makers don’t just do hems, find a good one and they can take in,  add darts and all sorts.  Some of my clients are one size on the top and another on the bottom.  One client often had to buy dresses one or two sizes bigger because of her chest size, then the rest needed to be re-size.

I hope I have given you some ideas on how to dress you body shape. I am a Colour & Style Coach based in Chelmsford in Essex and my company is Colourworx Colour & Style.  I advise my clients on colours to complement their  skin-tone and styles to reflect their personality and dress their body shape.  If you would like any help or advise, please do give me a call for a chat on 07786 632798.  You can visit my website, where there is more information. or email me at . I do one to one consultations on Colour & Style, small workshops, and Talks on the same subject.     You can follow me on




Sandra –  from Colourworx find out what colours work best for you!!!

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