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Outfits For Special Occasions

Do you have a special occasion to go to and don’t know what to wear?

Is it a wedding you have been invited to, or perhaps Ascot, Wimbledon, or Henley you are attending  one of  your first thoughts is what am I going to wear?   So, before you do any thing check your wardrobe first to see if you already have something that you might be able to update in some way, then set yourself a budget and check the dress code for the event you are attending.  If it is a case of I have nothing suitable to wear and it is an excuse to buy something new, then lets start from scratch and the other alternative could be another blog on it’s own but don’t be shy about using a pair of shoes you already have or perhaps handbag and no-one will know.

Occasion Wear
Occasion Wear

Don’t be shy about mixing designer and high street either, I have just put an outfit together myself for a family wedding and my dress is Phase Eight but my jacket is H & M. The jacket is cream (not a colour I would normally go for) because I do seem to attract the dirt and therefore not a colour I particularly wanted to invest in.  Do you need to wear a hat or Fascinator?  So wear do you start to look, bearing in mind your budget it is good to start with the Department stores as they do offer a wide range of prices and have offers on from time to time.  But, if you really want to splash out with a designer name and to not want to pay designer prices you can try one of the many Dress Agencies around that sell these type of outfits at half the price.  It is also a good place to take your outfit once you have worn it if you think you are unlikely to wear again.  A few local to me in Chelmsford are Fairytale Wardrobe in Great Baddow, The Dressing Room in Witham and Friends Dress Agency in Bishops Stortford.  They will take a commission for selling your items for you but at least you then have some money to re-invest in something else.  What you do have to watch is that when taking clothes in you may come out with more!!  These are really great places for hats, shoes and bags, in fact it was where I bought my fascinator so they really are worth a visit.

occasion wear
occasion wear


Now if your special occasion is in the hot summer and less formal than a wedding and either Wimbledon or Henley you might like to go for a long dress that you will be able to wear again and again after the event.  These are always on trend and don’t seem to date and you can update them with a hat/fascinator, smart jacket or shrug, some nice shoes and small handbag. This will give the outfit a chic look but you will be able to dress down afterwards.

What is on trend at the moment is what used to be called  cat suit, trousers and top in one and also are suitable for a wedding.  The key here is to wear something that you feel comfortable in and that you know you look good in.  This will give you confidence to carry it of and shine on the day.

I really can’t stress enough how important it is to get the right colour and if you need any help with that please do give me a call.  Wearing the right colour attracts the eye and is first thing people notice about you and it is what are remembered for. It gives you a healthier glow, slim body lines, brightening your eyes and giving your skin a glowing appearance. Wearing the wrong colour can have the negative effect making you look pounds heavier, tired and stressed.

I hope you find that useful and if you would like an informal chat please do not hesitate to contact me on 07786 632798.  You can visit my website where there is a lot  of information and dates of my forthcoming workshops.  You can also follow me on






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