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Re-invent your wardrobe for the cooler weather

I have just returned from a lovely retreat in France with some lovely inspirational women. The weather was kind to us and had some sunshine. Arriving home, I feel it is time to re-vamp my wardrobe. I need to put away my summer/holiday clothes and bring out the winter ones. I am really a summer person who loves the sun, but it is fun to get out all those winter things you forgot you had. Here are my tips on how to re-invent your wardrobe for the cooler weather.

Re-invent your wardrobe for the cooler weather

I personally put away after each season, so I can see what I have hanging in my wardrobe.  I now need to bring down from the top shelf my winter items and replace with my summer. Some ladies do have several wardrobes around the house and for others they store the clothes they are not wearing in the loft but whatever works for you.

Use this as an opportunity to cull what you no longer need

Firstly, go through and pull out all your summer clothes that are not suitable to wear now. Light summer dresses, white jeans, little summer tops that you will not wear through the winter. This is a great way to have a clear out as well. Anything that you have not worn this summer, that you are unlikely to wear next year, you might as well let go instead of storing. White t/shirts particularly, look tired after lots of wear and you are likely to replace next year anyway. Unless of course you are likely to dye it another colour at some point.

This I feel is like lifting a weight from my shoulders, getting rid of things that you no longer need, love wearing or have just worn out. This also goes for shoes and sandals hand bags and all your accessories. If something you feel is too good for the charity shop, try selling it yourself, or try one of the dress agencies and re-invest in something new that you will wear.

Re-invent your wardrobe for the cooler weather

When you get out your winter clothes, do the same and sort through and get rid of anything you are not likely to wear.  By sorting through like this you will see where you have gaps in your winter wardrobe. You may have discarded a pair of black trousers that you now need to replace.

Look at your wardrobe with fresh eyes

Now comes the fun bit go through what you have left. Try to re-style what you have in a different way to how you wore them last year. Sometimes you don’t need to buy anything new but to think outside the box and style in another way. Use your accessories, adding colourful footwear, handbags and jewellery.

Re-invent your wardrobe for the cooler weather
Re-invent your wardrobe for the cooler weather
Re-invent your wardrobe for the cooler weather
Re-invent your wardrobe for the cooler weather

Now you can see the gaps in your wardrobe you can go shopping to buy only what you need to buy! Try adding a few key pieces that are on trend to update your look for this season. Look at this Navy Striped Merino Wool jumper from Next at £32.00 This is great to wear with jeans or denim skirt but you could also wear with a smart pair of black trousers or skirt. This will be a good buy as you can wear for many occasions.

I found this lovely Ecru Floral Soft Blouse from Next at £26.00 Here they have teamed it with Black work wear taper trousers but it will also look good with your favourite jeans for a more casual look. I would team with a brightly coloured jacket or cardigan to add some colour.


Some things you may have in your wardrobe that you wear in both summer and winter. Cardigans, camisole tops and long/short sleeved blouses to worn under a jumper or sweat top. These too can be styled in many ways.

So here are a few ideas on how to Re-invent your wardrobe for the cooler weather. If you need any help I do offer a wardrobe audit and personal shopping service.

As a colour and style coach I offer Colour and Style consultations. I either work one to one with ladies or I work with two ladies together. This works well for two best friends to come along together, or mother and daughter and for this I do offer a discount. This is a very fun way of working, and really makes a good girly morning or afternoon. You can either come to me in Chelmsford or I can come to your home if you prefer. Why not click over to my website now for more details.

You can follow me on Facebook  where I regularly post with style updates.  I have several boards on Pinterest from style, colour combinations and many more. If you would like to have a chat and find out how I can help you please call me on 07786 632798 or email me or visit my website 

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