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How to dress whilst going through the menopause

How to dress whilst going through the menopause
How to dress whilst going through the menopause

This is not an easy time in your life for some women. I have several friends who hardly knew it even happened and yet for others it was a very difficult time. Do you take HRT? or not? and just grin and bare it. Either way it is going to happen and we have to come to terms with it one way or the other. I am going to give you some tips on how to dress whilst going through the menopause.

How to dress whilst going through the menopause

I decided not to go on HRT as my mum had in her 50’s and when she come off in her 70’s all the symptoms returned. For that reason, I decided to just grin and bear it. Whatever you decide to do, you may have to change the way you style your body, as your shape may change. For me I got the muffin top and you have to learn how to style around what you have. I remained the same weight it just all got distributed in different places and for me it was around the tummy area.

Which fabrics should you choose?

For me, I moved away from the synthetic fabrics and moved towards the more natural ones like cotton, linen, and wool. I think the key is to wear layers. This way you can take off or put back on according to how you feel. Choose natural fabrics and avoid nylon.

What style should you choose?

You need to bear in mind your body shape. If you have a thick waist, possibly with a muffin top, you don’t want to wear anything to clingy or tight in that area as it will only accentuate the bulges. Choose something that is fitted but flares out over the tummy area. This will achieve the idea of a waist but not cling in the wrong places. If you are a larger lady you might prefer to where something that hangs from the bust.

We are prone to weight gain whilst going through the menopause so it is good to stick to a healthy diet. We all know what we should avoid, so keep the sugars to a minimum and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Take regular exercise, do something you enjoy so it is not a chore and keep yourself healthy.

Dress to enhance your assets

We all have bits of our bodies that we like, so play up the good bits and play down the not so good.  If you carry your weight on your lower body be sure to wear the dark colours there. If you have a large bust make sure you wear a good fitting bra that supports you. You may also like a scoop neckline to show that off.

Alternatively, if you have a small bust, perhaps wear an enhancing bra and a top that has some detailing on the chest. (Perhaps some patch pockets on the bust line)

How to dress whilst going through the menopause

Have some fun with it, embrace your figure, play up the good bits and play down the bits you don’t like. If you have large legs, where wide leg trousers. If you are fortunate of have slim legs show them off in skinny jeans or nice skirts.

Above all wear some colour. Too many people feel that when they get to that age, they have to look insignificant. How wrong are they. Yes wear colours that suit your skin tone but don’t start wearing all greys and beige. Embrace the colours that suit you. They don’t have to be full on colour the colour can be muted.

Should I let my hair go grey?

A big mistake that a lot of ladies make when letting their hair go grey, they turn to wearing grey too.This is really not a good look. If you want to let you hair go grey naturally that’s fine. Particularly, if you are a cool toned lady and have the salt and pepper grey. BUT you must wear some colour, even if it is a soft and muted colour.

I hope you find that useful. The menopause is something we all have to go through, so just learn to embrace the changes and accept it as the next chapter in your life. If you need any help or advise as to how to survive the menopause do get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

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