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My top tips on how to dress yourself happy

My top tips on how to dress yourself happy
My top tips on how to dress yourself happy

Do you remember your parents saying to you do not wear that now, save it for best? I know that mine did. Now I am saying to you enjoy your best clothes and wear them, don’t save them for a special day, as very day is special. The picture I have chosen to put on this blog is one taken with one of my favourite dresses. Here are my tips on how to dress yourself happy.

My top tips on how to dress yourself happy

Six months ago, you may have been happy in your tracksuit, but now the new season has arrived. We are ready to start dressing up again and to dress yourself happy.

Dopamine Dressing

What is Dopamine Dressing? Google says, “The practice of wearing bright colours in an extroverted style in order to lift one’s spirit.” The concept is simple: choose colourful and fun clothes in the morning, do not skimp on extravagance and enjoy the triggering of those happy chemicals in your brain. I have found an article here in the Guardian with their take on it. Personally, I think it is about choosing to dress in a way that suits you, can give your mood a welcome lift.

My top tips on how to dress yourself happy

Not everyone wants to wear vivid bright colours and you do not need too either. It is about finding which colours suit you best. Also, it is about being aware of which colours will give you energy and make you feel playful and which ones will drain your energy. This I covered in a previous blog. Here I talked about which colours you were choosing to where in lock down. I have shown here the properties of each colour and when to wear each one which you may find useful.

“No matter what shape, size or age, dressing for yourself can enhance wellness and overall positivity” Says stylist Lucie Clifford

My top tips on how to dress yourself happy

When you are wearing something that you love and that you know brings out the best in you, how do you feel?  Fantastic!! Yes, if you know that you look good it makes you feel good too. It gives you confidence to be who you want to be and be the best version of yourself. I like to do that by wearing colour. I am a Spring and therefore able to wear the bright spring colours, but I also like to wear some of the autumn ones too. If I am relaxing at home, I don’t want to be wearing bright orange or red! So, I might water that down to a soft coral.

My top tips on how to dress yourself happy

Therefore, I love what I do. Showing ladies how to look and feel fantastic. By wearing the correct colours to tone with your skin tone and styles that flatter you shape really can make a difference. If you would like to find out more please visit my website  for more details or give me a call I would love to hear from you.

Find your own sense of style

I think what is most important is to find your own style. As Oscar Wild said, ” Be yourself, everybody else is already taken” Be your own authentic self in whatever form that is. If you prefer to be casual, then swear casual clothes. If you are a classic girl then wear classic clothes. It shows your personality and who you are, and people will love you for that. Do not wear clothes you think you ought to wear, that make you feel uncomfortable and it will show. What you wear shows your personality so have fun with it. Play around with new styles that you see others wearing and see how they look on you. Remember confidence is found within, but a great outfit can and will enhance your self-love.

My top tips on how to dress yourself happy

Dress yourself happy and improve your mindset. If you feel happy in yourself, you give off and attract the same back to you. So, it is a win win scenario. Do not save your best clothes for best. Wear them and enjoy them as it will make you feel good. I have been self-isolating after returning from a break in Spain with some friends. It would have been so easy to dress down every day but I chose not to. I still wore some mascara and lipstick and wore normal clothes and not result to a track suit every day. Why? Because it makes me feel better about myself.

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