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My tips on how to work the sales

My tips on how to work the salesOMG!!  The summer sales have started already in some stores and it is only just the middle of June. Some of us have not even had our summer holidays yet, but that could be to our advantage. Here are some of my tips on how to work the sales.

My tips on how to work the sales

The sales are not what they used to be, as we seem to have offers on and off all the time but we all love a bargain don’t we. I am always of the intention that if you see something that you really like don’t wait to sale time as you might be disappointed. There are a few basic rules to bear in mind when shopping in the sales.


  • Do I need it?
  • Can afford it?
  • Do I have anything in the wardrobe to wear it with?
  • Is it the right colour & style for me?
  • Does it fit me properly?
  • Would I have paid full price for it?

My tips on how to work the sales

If you don’t need it, you don’t want to clog up your wardrobe with things that you are not going to wear. How often have you got home with a new top only to find you already have one similar in your wardrobe? We have all done it, either throw the old one away or take the new one back.

Can I afford it? if you can’t you should not be buying. It is not a bargain if it is not right and its going to sit in your wardrobe cluttering up space if you are not going to wear it. Check that it is in the right colour and style for you and that you are not just buying it because it’s cheap.

My tips on how to work the sales

Sometimes when you go into a store and you see a whole rack of the same item in every size that is a sure indication that something is not right. It could just be an unusual colour that is not popular. The cut maybe wrong, sleeves too small but it obviously does not suit many people. Therefore, there are a lot in the sale. It maybe alright for you but do try it one before you buy.

Would you buy this sale item at the full price?  Now this is a good one! You must decide if this item is worth it for you at this price. This is often when you can buy items that otherwise would be outside you budget and allows to buy something of a much better quality than you can normally afford. Therefore, some ladies like to shop in the outlet stores so they can buy designer clothes at a discount.

My tips on how to work the sales

Whether you are buying in the sales or at full price each item of clothing must make you look and feel fantastic.  You are building a wardrobe of clothes that you look good in, and make you feel confident. There is no point in buying something just because its cheap as you won’t wear it and it ceases to become a bargain.

My tips on how to work the sales
My tips on how to work the sales

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