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My tips on how to dress as a stylish lady in your 50’s & 60’s

My tips on how to dress as a stylish lady in your 50's & 60's
My tips on how to dress as a stylish lady in your 50’s & 60’s

When you become a mature lady there is no need to start dressing frumpy, after all they say you are as young as you feel. Gone are the days when you had to grow old gracefully. More and more women are independent and working well into retirement and therefore want to be the best version of themselves. Here are my tips on how to dress as as stylish lady in your 50’s & 60’s.

My tips on how to dress as a stylish lady in your 50’s & 60’s

I am 60 years young and like to think that I don’t look my age and have always loved fashion and clothes.  I help ladies find their own sense of style by choosing the right colours and styles to be the very best version of themselves. It’s about finding your own style and not being a slave to fashion.

To keep young looking should you follow fashion trends.

After all that is what the young ladies do. Yes, but often the young do get it wrong. As an example, there is always a trend on colour. Recently, yellow or mustard have been featuring in the shops.  If you are a warm skin toned lady that is great. However, if you are a cool skin toned lady that colour is not good. If you know that a colour is not good for you to wear next to your skin, try using the colour in your accessories. Try putting the colour into your shoes or hand bags instead.

My tips on how to dress as a stylish lady in your 50’s & 60’s

As a mature woman I am conscious of shirt lengths I don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb. In the winter months I am happy to wear a shorter length straight skirt with thick tights and either boots of ballet pumps. I would not wear a mini skirt even though I do have good legs. Ideally, I wear my skirts on my knee because I don’t like calf length unless I am wearing boots as that makes me feel frumpy. It’s important to find the right length for you and ideally don’t have the skirt finishing at the widest part of your leg.

My tips on how to dress as a stylish lady in your 50’s & 60’s

Necklines are important to get right too. Personally, I have a small bust and therefore don’t like low necklines particularly  in a wrap style as I don’t have a bust to hold the style. However, if you have it flaunt it!! well that’s what they say. If you have an hourglass figure an open neckline will work well for you. What I am trying to say is, you need to dress your figure to accentuate the good points and camouflage what you want to hide.

If you are someone who like to show some flesh that is fine but don’t overdo it. If you have a low neck line don’t wear a short skirt as well, you need to keep some balance.

Pick the fashion trends that work for you

I personally, I like to follow the fashion trends, but I interpret them in a way that I know will work with my own style. Some fashion trends I know would not work for me. Cropped tops, a definite no no for me, firstly I am long in the body so tops are often too short anyway and also I don’t want to show my tummy .Low rise jeans or trousers I don’t find them very comfortable to wear and again I don’t want to show my middle. I have never liked leggings with tunic tops because I have thin legs.  I would wear a short length dress with thick tights instead. Boxy tops particularly the ones that finish on the waist. These will add pounds as they finish at the widest part of the body. I would choose a top with rounded ends and in a longer length I could wear outside my trousers.

My tips on how to dress as a stylish lady in your 50’s & 60’s

So as you can see I pick what I choose to wear from the trends. Some I know will work with my body shape and other will not. The same goes for colour. I know which colours work best with my skin and avoid wearing cool colours near my skin.

To present yourself as a confident stylish lady it goes without saying that your hair and makeup must be good too. Get your hair styled regularly and if you have colours in your hair make sure that you don’t have dark roots. About makeup I always say less is more. Keep your nails manicured and tidy. Make sure your shoes are clean and that you carry a nice hand bag. It about getting the whole polished look and you don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve that.

My challenge to you.

Find your own style, experiment and try wearing things you have not worn before. Try them on in the shop and take a photo and see how you look. Style what you already have in your wardrobe in a different way with different accessories to get another look. Have fun with it and why not get together with some friends to create some new looks. Let me know how you get on I would love some feedback.

If you need any help or advice do get in touch.

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Find out which colours work best for you!!

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