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How do the colours that you wear make you feel?

How do the colours that you wear make you feel?
How do the colours that you wear make you feel?

Colour is a big passion of mine as many of you know. Colour brings people to life. Wearing the right colour for you will bring out the colour of your hair, your eyes and give a more youthful look to your face. So, why not embrace colour. In this blog I am answering the question “How do the colours that you wear make you feel?”

How do the colours that you wear make you feel?

When I first started my colour journey, I didn’t know the benefits of each colour, their meanings and why certain colours made you feel a certain way. I did know that wearing all grey made me feel or grey and that was when I started experimenting with colour.

What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour is an Orange/Red I am always drawn to this colour, if there is a table of jumpers in an array of colours I will always be drawn to the orange or red one. Why? I hear you ask. I know that this is most certainly the best colour on me for my skin tone. Secondly, knowing that I look good in this colour gives me confidence. Lastly, it gives me some energy as red is a very vibrant colour.

How do the colours that you wear make you feel?

How do the colours that you wear make you feel?
How do the colours that you wear make you feel?

When I trained my trainer asked me if there were any colours that I did not wear, and my reply was pink. She asked why and I couldn’t give her a real reason. When I thought of pink it was a pale baby pink and I didn’t like in that colour lipstick. Baby pink is a cool colour which would not good on me. However, there are many warm pinks out there I had not tried. So now I wear pink too, I usually go for a coral or salmon pink.

I wear pink when I want to feel feminine, it conjures up feelings of love, self-love, and all things safe and secure. Pink is a very popular colour. It comes in shades from the very pale baby pink right up to the very bright neon pink and everything in between. If  you think about it Pink is just a watered down red.

How do the colours that you wear make you feel?

What do you think of when you think of green? For me its nature and nature never gets it wrong. Green is a calming colour which also has connotations of love being the heart chakra. They often talk about the green room for stars waiting to go on air as it is a calming colour. Hospitals too are often painted green to help nervous patients before they see the doctor. Green works well with so many other colours so makes a good staple colour in your wardrobe. As a warm toned lady, I like to wear a bright lime green particularly when I want to inject some fun and vibrancy into my life. I also like the moss and khaki green. If you are a cool toned lady there are also some lovely emerald greens that work well. Try teaming pink or blue with green.

In this blog I have only talked about three colours and explained how they make me feel and when I wear them. Which colours do you like and when do you wear them? If you would like any advice to which colours would suit you please do get in touch. As part of my colour consultations I do give information about the colours and their meanings and when to wear which colour. I also advise on colour combinations and a way to build a capsule wardrobe of clothes which all intermix.

Wear RED for energy, GREEN for feeling calm, Pink for feeling feminine

My challenge to you

What is your favourite colour and why? How do you feel when you wear this colour? Do you choose this colour because you know that is suits you or because you just feel nice wearing it.? Please let me know by either contacting me on my contact details below or at the bottom of this blog. I would love your feedback.

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Find out which colours work best for you!!

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