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My tips on finding the right glasses to suit your face

Glasses are so important as for some people they wear them every day. It’s like an outfit that you wear all the time. A bit like your hair cut so you want to get it right. Find which company you would like to have your eye test with first. You don’t necessarily have to buy your glasses there too.Vision Express are doing an eye test for £10.00 at present and sometimes Boots are offering a FREE test, so you do need to shop around. Here are my tips on finding the right glasses to suit your face.

The same goes for choosing where to purchase your glasses, there are always offers on and depending on what you are looking for, you do need to do your research. I wanted to buy some funky red glasses and I found some in Spec savers and they had the offer buy one pair and get the second Free. I had my eye test in Boots as I had a voucher for a FREE test.

My tips on finding the right glasses to suit your face
My tips on finding the right glasses to suit your face

Choosing the colour of your frames

Glasses are a personal choice, colour and style but I am going to give you some tips for things to consider when choosing a pair. When choosing the frames, you need to consider your colouring as you do with your clothes. Choose a colour that will flatter your skin tone. If you have had your colours done, you will know what to go for, if not do get in touch and I can help you.

My tips on finding the right glasses to suit your face

The next step is to find out the shape of you face. The best way to do that is to tie or pin your hair off your face and sit in front of a mirror. Look at the outline of your face, is it round, oval rectangle or heart shaped? Check where the glasses sit on your nose. If you have a long nose the bridge of the spectacles should sit lower down to make your nose seem shorter. If you have a short nose the bridge should sit higher. Your eyes should be in the centre of the lenses.

My tips on finding the right glasses to suit your face
My tips on finding the right glasses to suit your face

Square Face

You will have a wide forehead and your cheekbones are in line with your jaw. Look for lightweight rounded or oval frames. You need to avoid any square or rectangle shapes, which will emphasise the angles on your face.

Rectangle Face

You will have a long, narrow face with a squarish chin. You need to give the illusion of widening and shortening the face while softening the jawline. Choose a wider lightweight frame which will counteract a narrow face and close set- eyes. Avoid angular frames.

Heart Shaped Face

You will probably have a broad forehead and cheekbones, which taper down to a small chin. When choosing a frame, bear in mind they should not extend beyond your temples. Rimless frames are an excellent choice and they are usually lightweight as well.

Round Face

Your face will be round and soft, and you should be looking at frames that are slightly wider than your face. This will make your face look smaller. Square or rectangle frames will balance out a round face. Avoid round shapes and full rimless styles.

Oval Face

A balanced oval face is the most versatile face shape there is. You can go for almost any shape and concentrate on getting the right colour for your skin tone.

So, here are my tips on finding the right glasses to suit your face. If you would like any further advise please do get in touch.

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