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How To Work The Sales!!

My tips on how to work the sales

Shopping In The Sales

Now we all like a bargain,  but it is not a bargain

  • If you do not need it,  
  • You can’t afford it
  • It does not fit properly,
  • If it’s the wrong colour for you
  • If you have nothing to go with it.

I have seen people particularly at the Next Sale very early in the morning with carrier bags full.  Now I do know that some people shop in the next sale for their children for the following year,  but I don’t believe they do that for themselves. So I wonder what percentage goes back later.  There is no point buying something just because it’s cheap!!   Ask yourself,  “Would you buy it at full price?”

I would suggest that you write a list of all the things that you need and don’t already have in your wardrobe, and  something you really want which can be mixed with what you already have.

It pays to do some research first, check out prices, and even try on and decide on the size you need, so when you shop in the sale you know which size to buy.  Some of the High Street Retailers start to label their sale a few days before by writing in pencil a code on the price ticket so that is a good clue as to which items will be in the sale.  There is no point going to the sales to just look round as you will overspend.

Only buy clothes that fit you now, and not the ones you are going to slim down to get into as you will probably gone off them by then.

Always check over everything you buy for faults you don’t want to get home to find that the security tag has left a whole in that must have jumper.

Buy only because when you put it one it not only looks good but makes you feel good too.

  • Stick to your list
  • Stick to your budget.

If when you get home and you have second thoughts or find that you have nothing to go with it and you are able to return it DO as you will never wear it!!

Have fun bargain hunting

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