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Ten essentials to pack for a holiday in the sun

Ten Essentials to pack for a holiday in the sun

1) Sunscreen is a must – One I can recommend is P20 it is expensive but it is often on offer in Asda and I have seen it in Primark a lot cheaper.  My husband and I never burn where we have applied the lotion but you do need to let it dry before getting dressed as it does stain.

2) Sunglasses-  We must protect our eyes from the UV Rays, it stops sun damage and also they make a good fashion accessory.

3) Beach Bag-  Because they look so summery and usually plastic lined and look so much better by the pool than a handbag and I can usually get my husband to carry it if it is not too feminine

4) Bronzer & Lipstick-   My favourite Bronzer is the Younique one which also doubles up as an eye shadow and choose a favourite lipstick/gloss of your choice.

5) Kimono- I have three in different colours and they make great cover ups around the pool, or you can wear over a strappy vest top during the day or over a dress in the evening.

6) A pair of flat comfy shoes/sandals –  If you are sight- seeing you need to be comfortable whether that is a pair of converse, Birkenstocks, Flip Flops or just sandals

7) Light Coat/Jacket-  Something in place of a coat on those cooler days this could be a lightweight fleece, cardigan, jacket or blazer

8)  Scarves –  Choose ones that goes with most outfits in your colour pallet, this makes a great accessory and is always handy if there is air conditioning

9) Bikini or swimsuit – Invest in one that suits you and if you are not daring enough for a bikini choose a tankini which if you are tall is a lot easier to wear than a one piece

10) Tickets, Money & Passport

These are my top ten essential items not to forget to pack when making a trip to the sun.

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