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How to Take Care of your Clothes

Here are some tips to on How to take care of your clothes to prolong their life for a longer lasting wardrobe.

Choose Clothes Made of Quality Fabrics

It all starts with the purchasing of your clothes and it is essential to choose good quality fabrics that won’t break, in a few wears. It is worth investing in the basics that may be a little more expensive because you will be able to keep them for longer.  I always, try to think of clothes as cost per wear, so take  pair of black trousers that you wear and wear against a patterned top that you only wear occasionally.  That way you can afford to spend more on the black trousers and look after them and they will last a long time.  I think if you invest in the basics and then you can build your wardrobe around those.  You can add some cheaper t shirts which are on trend knowing that they have a shelf like which you are happy to replace next year knowing that you did not spend too much on them.

Store Them Correctly

Folded Jumpers & Tops
Folded Jumpers & Tops

Storing your clothes is so important if you want them to retain their original shape.   Don’t hang your jumpers and casual tops as hanging can change the shape of the garment.  I would suggest that you fold and place in a stack in the various colours in a draw or on a shelf. Trousers I always hang from the waist to avoid that line you get when putting on trouser hangers.  Shoes I place in shoe boxes, which I stack I my wardrobe with a picture of the pair on the front.  I also have a hanging shoe rack where I put my flat pumps, sandals & Flip flops etc. My boots are also boxed on the top of my wardrobe.  Shoes and hand bags I stuff with paper to keep their shape

Follow The Washing Instruction’s

Always check that the item is not dry clean only!!   I do this before I buy, as I don’t like paying cleaning bills unless it is something that does not need to be cleaned too regularly. Always  read the washing instructions and wash according to the label.  If in doubt always wash by hand air drying is best and avoid using the tumble dryer when ever possible ( I only use the tumble dryer for underwear, sheets and towels).  Outer wear Coats Blazers etc I would send to the dry cleaners.

How Often Should I Wash my Clothes ?

We have all been taught to wash our clothes and keep ourselves clean and our clothes smelling fresh.  Did you know that if you wash your clothes too much you can actually ruin them faster than they were made to last. Yes there is such a thing as too much washing and you can wash the stuffing out of them.

Now this is a personal thing but it goes without saying that you would wash your underwear, socks, t/shirts, blouses, and anything white after one wear.  If I have got very hot wearing something it goes straight into the wash.  What about jumpers? I usually hang them on a hanger to air and may spray with freshener and wear again once or twice.  Skirts, Jeans, Trousers, Jackets etc I would wear up to 8-10 wears unless I wanted to shrink back into shape.

I think it is common sense, but be careful not to over wash.  Your bras will only last 3-4 years as over washing will damage the elasticity and the shape of the bra.  Once the shape is gone it will not offer the support so I try to get a few wears before washing.

Make The Necessary Repairs

If your blouse of jacket needs  new a  button the chances are you will not wear them, so make any repairs.  Find a Tailor to make any adjustments to your clothes as often it is less expensive to repair what you have rather than buy new.

 I hope that helps you in knowing how to take care of your clothes with the view of making your wardrobe last longer.

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