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How to add colour to your outfits

How to add colour to your outfits
How to add colour to your outfits

How do you turn a boring dress into something chic?  It is not as difficult as you think? by making some small tweaks and adding some accessories your outfit can become something very individual and it is away to express your personality. Adding a pop of colour can make all the difference and really compliment an outfit.  Just bear in mind that where you put the colour is where people will be drawn to look.  So if you feel that you have a larger bottom half put the colour on your top half and stick to darker colours on the bottom. Let me show you how to add colour to your outfits.

Take that little black dress, now we all have one of those in our wardrobes.  Would you team up that with a pair of black shoes and black hand bag?  Well perhaps you would if you had a job in the City but for me that would be to conformist and boring.  Certainly I would have red shoes and bag but it does not have to be red it could be any colour.  Perhaps the dress could do with a nice coloured belt matching the shoes, or statement neckless as their are a lot of those around at the moment.  Depending on the occasion and time of year a nice bright scarf would look nice, alternatively you could add a scarf to your hand bag which looks very chic.

Take a pair of Jeans try adding a Graphic T, or perhaps a top with Neon details on the sleeves.  I always love to wear colour and with the variety of colour available I am shocked when my clients come to me and say “Oh but I love my black”

How to add colour to your outfits
Try adding Colour to your outfits

Try adding textured fabrics, suede and leather or go for an embroidered fabric or something with embellishment.  This embroidered jacket is from Zara.  Be brave and try something different!!

Why not try by putting different colours together blue and green for example, I know that we were always told never to be seen but that is not the case.  Think of nature, blue skies, green fields with trees they all go together perfectly and I say that nature never gets it wrong!!

It just depends how bold you want to be.  What you choose to wear says a lot about you and people will make an assumption of you, before you even speak so it is important to get it right.

I hope that has given you some ideas on how to add colour to your outfits!!

I am a Colour and Style Coach based in Chelmsford Essex, so if you would like some help on which colours would suit you do please get in touch.  Alternatively if you know which colours are good for you but you would like some style advise I can also help you with that also. You can contact me on 07786 632798 or Email me or visit my website

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