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Ten Essentials to Pack in your Hand Luggage

Ten Hand luggage Essentials
Ten Essentials to pack in your hand luggage

Got your summer holiday booked?  or are you just flying away for a few days to somewhere nice.  Here are my Ten Essentials  to Pack in your Hand Luggage.

Firstly, of course your 1) Passport and it is always a good idea to check it is in date when you book your trip.  2) Money/Credit Cards (its a good idea not to put them all in the same place in your bag)  3) Phone and if you are travelling abroad don’t forget to turn off the roaming!! 4) Music for the trip (IPod and or Earphones)  Its always good to plan a playlist of holiday tunes. 5) Tooth brush if you are doing a long flight and a small tube of toothpaste.  6) Perfume and you can now defuse some into a small file.

7) Scaled Down Make-up Bag  I don’t know about you but in the heat my makeup usually slides of my face and so I don’t bother with foundation but choose a light tinted moisturiser with a SPF Factor which will also protect against sun damage.  A bronzer which you can also use as a eye shadow and blusher and also can be used to get that sun kissed look across you shoulders.  A couple of your favourite lipsticks/glosses and a lip seal.  Don’t forget if you are carrying these liquids in your hand luggage you will need to carry them separately in a clear plastic bag.

8) Kindle/Books/Magazines/Newspaper  9) Small hand sanitizer  10) Camera

So those are my top essentials to pack in your hand luggage,  but I expect you can think of more, but you do want to be able to either lift your bag up into the over head lockers or be able to put it under the seat in front of you.

I always like to leave some room in my hand luggage for some retail shopping at the airport!!

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