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Find your own Sense of Style

Find Your Own Sense of Style
Find Your Own Sense of Style

How many times have I heard   “I have lots of clothes in my wardrobe but I never have anything to wear”. This is a common complaint by many women as they buy something random because they like it but don’t think about what they have in their wardrobe to wear with it. So, I am going to give you some ideas on how to find your own sense of style, by using the clothes in your wardrobe but wearing them in a different way.

Its all about finding your own unique style which will develop over the years.  So how do you do that?  Well magazines are a good place to start to look and see how outfits are put together, see how the clothes are styled in the shops and on the manikins, but my favourite is to people watch, wherever you are and see how other ladies put outfits together. It can be a good idea to look back at photos of yourself and see if you like a certain look. Fashions do change and so will your own style over the years.

Go to your wardrobe and pull out one of your favourite things, it may be a pair of trousers or jeans for argument sake.  Perhaps you would normally team this up with a t shirt, blouse or shirt.  So why not add a textured Gillet when it is not cold enough to wear a coat but you need something.  You could add a sleeveless jacket I have a long line navy one and it looks great with jeans.  If you are going too a more formal event perhaps add a blazer.


I love scarves and they are like shoes you can never have too many and I have them in many different colours.  These look great tied in the neck of a blouse or on  t/ shirt or jumper. A pashmina for the winter is a must in the neck of a plain coat.  In the summer a  Sarong is great to wear to the beach and can be tied in so many ways.  I am a lover of the square scarf as there are so many more ways to tie square. Adding  scarf you are usually adding colour which will brighten any outfit.


Now this is a big opportunity to show your own sense of style by adding pieces to compliment your outfits and there is huge variety on he high street. Add touch of glamour with a brooch on a simple

Yellow Handbag
Yellow Handbag

coat or jumper.


Shoes/Boots & Bags

Now ladies your shoes and handbag do not need to match any more so life easy.  If you are petite make sure your bag is not too big.  Have fun with it and go for a coloured bag.  If or example yellow is the new colour for the season and yellow is not a good colour on you try a yellow hand bag or pair of shoes instead.   Shoes are very personal flats or heals? but watch the trends and put your own take on it.

Detail & Texture

It is fun to wear different textures and fabrics, try a leather skirt, with say an embroidered Jumper. The five fab fabrics that took over the catwalks, Grey Tartan by Chanel, Loud Leopard print by Dolce & Gabbana, Ruffles by Gucci, Serious Sequins by Preen and Bright Velvet by Valentino.  Mix the prints and fabrics to make your outfit your own and find your own sense of style.

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